(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A gift has been left behind for SK from the lovely Kristie Etzold as she just got finished destroying the twosome of Fantasy and Ellena. SK takes it upon himself to get some sparring in by working over the pair and starts with the progeny by wrapping Ellena in a sleeperhold. She pleads and kicks for mercy, but is handily put to bed. A thudding belly shot rocks Ellena awake and the sleeperhold is reapplied, choking a stirring Ellena into a KO again. Ellena gets one more loop of the belly punch into sleeperhold combo and then it’s mom’s turn. SK gets his fill of sleeperhold and belly punching goodness before hooking Fantasy’s legs for his pin. Fantasy is curled into a derri “air” pose and Ellena gets hooked for a 10-count pin.

SK gets the pair to their feet and at opposite ends of the room. SK uses Fantasy as a battering ram as he repeatedly irish whips her across the room into an already depleted Ellena, then jumps into the mix himself with a number of running wall splashes to the stacked girls. Fantasy and Ellena end up in a body pile on the mats, then SK capitalizes with hard, running stomps putting pressure on both ladies. Ellena’s core gets a workout as SK crashes into her with jumping belly splashes. Guillotine leg drops crash into her throat that send her limbs flailing into the air, then transitions to a headscissor for a KO. With the headscissor maintained he gets a 3-count pin before targeting Fantasy.

Fantasy gets a few belly splashes for her troubles alongside sitting leg drops that shoot her lower half into the air. Fantasy recoils into a matchbook granting SK a 5-count pin, then suffers a figure-four headscissor KO. A belly stomp and face punch puts Fantasy’s lights out and she’s scooped up for an OTS carry. SK brings pain to the pair by using power moves to slam Fantasy onto Ellena. Fantasy crashes down onto Ellena with an X-factor, then gets taken out with a tombstone piledriver on top of Ellena, drawing the air from her. A 5-count single leg hook pin is performed on Ellena, then has her mother piledriven on top for a twitchy double KO.

Another tombstone sends Fantasy crashing on top of Ellena, but there’s more in store. SK manipulates Fantasy into a facesit on Ellena while applying a sleeperhold to her, keeping both ladies in compromising positions. Ellena struggles till she’s a limp heap and Fantasy is choked to a slumber. SK uses Fantasy to pin Ellena down and performs a 5-count pin before hooking Ellena’s leg for an additional 5-count. SK’s training comes to an end as he leaves the girls strewn in a body pile potentially waiting for the next newcomer who’s itching for a practice session.

Body piles
Sleeperhold w/ belly punching KOs
Limb checks
5-count single leg hook pins
Irish whip wall splashes
Dual running walls splashes KO
Body pile stomps
Belly splashes
Seated leg drops
Headscissor KOs
3-count headscissor pin
5-count matchbook pin
Over-the-shoulder carry
X-factor KO to body pile
Tombstone piledriver to body pile KOs
Piledriver to body pile KO
Sleeperhold w/ reverse facesitting KOs
10-count body pile pin w/ leg hook
Derri “air’ KO pose


Length: 15 min
Price: 14.99