(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We’re greeted with the legacy pairing of Fantasy and Ellena as referee Ella stands by for the inbound match. The tag team takes pride in handing the legendary Kristie one of the few L’s suffered on the platform. Their newfound confidence is soon startled as their promo is cut by a preying Kristie who takes both girls by the hair. Kristie’s overbearing strength sends both ladies crashing into one another, dropping them into a KO’d body pile. Kristie sets her sights on Ella with an interrogation of what could’ve possibly led to her losing their previous match. Slight of tongue grants Ella some leeway and she’s quick to assist Kristie in refereeing. Ella administers limb checks against the unconscious pair who don’t budge as they’re counted.

Kristie brings the pain with numerous belly splashes to the collapsed couple. Kristie then gets her hands on Fantasy and ragdolls her with classic heel demeanor before clamping on a seated sleeperhold. Fantasy instantly awakens and remains trapped, helplessly struggling against such a powerful threat. Ellena manages to come to but is quickly put back down with a nerve pinch to the shoulder. The writhing and gasping Fantasy finally submits via KO and it’s ensured via Ella’s extended count. Kristie then aims for the successor and traps Ellena in a sleeperhold as well. As the submission works Ellena over, Fantasy attempts to shake her mental fog, but gets put right back into unconsciousness with Kristie’s right hook. Kristie puts Ellena out with ease and barks at Ella to confirm the knockout. Kristie then forces Fantasy to her feet and hoists her up for an OTS carry, preemptively putting her trophy on display as she takes her (and Ellena) to the back for a change in wardrobe.

Next we see Fantasy splashing onto a laid out Ellena with the twosome being stripped down to their two-piece bathing suits. Kristie teases what’s next for her opponents, then crashes downward onto the body pile with numerous belly splashes. A successful limb check is counted against the squashed and exhausted ladies before Kristie continues with her offense. The twosome is whipped into the wall for a body pile and Kristie lays into them with a set of wall splashes. Kristie then repositions the girls and delivers more belly splashes till the pair melt into a body pile against the wall. A continuous set of stomps mush Fantasy into Ellena’s lower half for a chain reaction and the two remain motionless.

Another counted fall precedes Kristy repositioning the two. A standing sleeperhold makes quick work of Fantasy and leads her feeble frame being dropped atop the vanquished Ellena. Ella ensures another knockout against the tag team and Kristie continues with huge stomps to the punished pairing. Each stomp lifts Fantasy into the air, causing her to splash her progeny as she comes crashing down. Fantasy twitches through Ella’s limb check, giving Kristie the green light to execute a 10-count single leg pin against her. Ellena shares the same treatment as she’s powerless to kick out from the single leg hook pin.

The chain reaction knockouts continue as Kristie delivers a massive uppercut that flips Fantasy backwards into a splash onto her partner. Kristie then performs a variation of it with a right hook that sends Ellena splashing onto Fantasy for the dual KO. Kristie sets the ladies up for more punishment as they sit side by side and two-for-one blackjack blows rock them into a set of leaning knockouts. Kristie’s foul play presses on with a set of chloroform rags pressed to the face of each combatant, smothering them out and repaying the favor from their previous match. To close out with a bang, Kristie folds the twosome back into a set of matchbooks for a dominating 10-count pin to make quite the statement.

Ella declares Kristie the winner of the match, but Kristie’s perception leads her to the reason why she lost the previous match. She snatches the syringe tucked in Ella’s high sock and menacingly wields it against an intimidated Ella. Ella appeals to Kristie’s mercy as she attempts to slip, but finds the syringe jammed into her shoulder leading to an instant dissipation of her energy. Ella’s lethargically led by the hair to her two fallen cohorts before receiving and even deeper dosage of the concoction. A sleeperhold is locked onto Ella that renders her utterly impotent. Her coughs and gurgles are silenced as squeezed to sleep and left to splat on top of the defeated Fantasy and Ellena. Kristie then strikes a win pose over the threesome working in cahoots as she declares herself the victor.

Dual body collision KO
Body piles
Body pile belly splashes KOs
Limp play
Sleeperhold KOs
Nerve pinch KO
Right hook KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
Dual wall splashes KO
Body pile stomps KOs
Sleeperhold to belly splash KOs
Chain reaction stomps to belly splashes KO
10-count single leg hook pins
Chain reaction punch to belly splash KOs
Dual blackjack KO
Dual chloroform smother KO
Dual 10-count double leg hook pins
Syringe attack
Victory pose
Instant replays
Limb checks


Length: 24 min
Price: 23.99