(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Ella and Kristie Etzold present to the camera with a hint of flexing as SK greets them. Kristie elaborates on her proud return to the SKW mats, but in the back looms the plotting Fantasy and Ellena. The discussion amongst the three is cut short as Ellena bops Kristie over the head with a blackjack dropping her to her knees in a haze of birdies. Fantasy capitalizes with a prepped chloroform rag that’s pressed to Kristie’s face till she’s limp and senseless. Ella stands in astonishment as Ellena confirms the knockout, then Fantasy makes Ella the honorary referee of this impromptu match. Fantasy states she’s ready for some get back for Kristie’s foul play and wakes her with a belly stomp.

Fantasy guides Kristie to a stand and red-clad babes send Kristie crashing to the mats with a double stunner KO. Kristie teeters into a knockout giving Ellena and Fantasy the green light to for a double leg hook pin. Before Ella can hit the ten, Kristie erupts with a burst of energy snaring Ellena in a headscissor and Fantasy into a sleeperhold for simultaneous submissions. Kristie crushes their windpipes with an evil laugh and lays them out without breaking a sweat. Kristie gets Ella to ensure the KOs with limb checks. Kristie shakes off the cheater allegation, but prides herself on the bully reputation she’s picked up during her tenure. She turns her sights back to the tag team for more.

Fantasy splats to the wall back first and Ellena soon follows as she’s irish whipped into her. With the girls stacked against the wall, Kristie crushes them with a running wall splash leaving them to crumple to the mats in a perished body pile. Kristie strikes a pose over the fallen twosome, then showboats some more by lifting Fantasy to an OTS carry and taunting some more. Kristie dumps Fantasy to the side and spots the golden opportunity to squish the vitality from Ellena with a set of belly splashes. Ella swoops in to verify Ellena is out for the count and Fantasy receives the same treatment pounding splashes.

Kristie displays her power once more with a double bearhug from the rear that leaves Ellena and Fantasy hanging on the edge of consciousness. Ella shows that the fix is in when she pulls two syringes from her knee high socks and slips them to the pair while Kristie is distracted with savoring her tyranny. Soon, two needle jabs to Kristies thighs send her spiraling out of alertness to the mats as the contents course through her system. A fatigued Ellena attempts to go on offense but collapses onto Kristie in exhaustion. Fantasy has just enough energy left to get the pin as she piles into Ellena and hooks the leg for a 10-count. She completely gasses out as the count is finished, then Ellla’s limb checks show that the ladies are out cold. With Fantasy securing the 10-count pin she scores the W for her team, but Kristie won’t be so fast to let this one go…

Blackjack attack
Chloroform smother KO
Double stunner KO
10-count double leg hook pin (attempt)
Dual headscissor and sleeperhold KO
Running wall splash KO
Over-the-shoulder carry pose
Belly splashes KOs
Double rear bearhug KO
Syringe KO
Body pile w/ 10-count single leg hook pin
Victory pose
Body piles
Instant replays
Limb checks

Length: 12 min
Price: 11.99