(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Arielle Lane and Anne Marie stand before us on the mats in their wrestling gear with their announcement of becoming the next big tag team for SKW. SK debuts the new girl to, which they get a good chuckle from, but the tides quickly turn as she approaches from behind and smashes them into each other for the first KOs. The absolutely stacked Tank introduces herself to the audience before picking apart the twosome further.

A belly stomp startles Anne, then she’s cinched into a sleeperhold where she’s no match for Tank’s guns. Arielle gets the same treatment with a belly stomp to wake her and a crushing sleeperhold to put her wild writhing to rest. Tank then opts for the belly with a stomp to Anne’s, then places her against the wall for blows to the midsection. Arielle is placed right beside and gets her own plethora of stomach punches as well. Tank alternates with smashing shots to the ribs of the duo and ups the ante with simultaneous lunging double fists to each of them. Tank switches it up by driving her pumped quads into the stomachs of the girls before transitioning to running wall splashes that topple them for a body pile. Tank hits a victory pose on the derri “air” posed Arielle and continues the demonstration.

Arielle is singled out as Tank lays her down for a series of jumping belly splashes, driving the air from her to the point of a KO. Anne’s ribs get the same amount of love as the belly splashes squish her against the mats till she’s zonked. Tank then uses her chiseled legs to wrap around Arielle’s throat for a reverse headscissor that quickly puts her down. Anne gets a reverse headscissor that handily knocks her out as well. A side bodyscissor is applied to Arielle that has her scrambling in pain until she goes lights out. Anne can’t withstand Tank’s might either as she knocks out from the rib squeeze. The scissor action proceeds as a rear headscissor chokes Arielle into a defenseless heap and a frontal headscissor crams Anne into a slumber.

Tank’s talented legs continue to put in work as a frontal figure-four headscissor takes Arielle out and a side figure-four headscissor does Anne in. A weakened Arielle gets a side bodyscissor applied to her and she’s shuffling to escape, Anne attempts to help. Her weak efforts are met with a punishing sleeperhold from Tank to which she has two simultaneous submissions locked in and the handicap is no match for her. Arielle is hurled up from the floor and crunched into a bearhug from the shorter she-hulk and those biceps squeeze all the energy from Arielle. Anne is no match for Tank’s bearhug either as she’s squeezed out and dropped onto Arielle for a comatose splash and a body pile.

Belly punches to each half of the tag team agitate them to their feet and Tank delivers a set of heart punches that drop the ladies into convulsing jobbers. A second set of heart punches stops the spasms and knocks them out. Tank then lifts both girls by the hair and applies single handed chokes to the pair. Tanks overwhelming strength asphyxiates both girls where they stand, then she shifts into a dual frontal guillotine choke that takes the girls out on their knees. Tank then scores a set of matchbook pins against the team and flexes her fantastic form over them. Afterwards, Arielle and Anne receive OTS carries to the back for a challenging start to their record.

Dual body collision KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Belly strikes
Dual running wall splashes KO
Jumping belly splashes KOs
Reverse headscissor KOs
Side bodyscissor KOs
Rear headscissor KO
Frontal headscissor KO
Frontal figure-four headscissor KOs
Side bodyscissor and sleeperhold dual KO
Lifting bearhug KOs
Dual heart punches KOs
Dual single-hand choke KOs
Dual frontal guillotine choke KOs
Dual 10-count matchbook pins
Over-the-shoulder carries
Derri “air” KO poses
Limb checks
Body piles
Victory poses


Length: 24 min
Price: 24.99