We fade in on Miriya and Malloy Martin decked out in their favorite superhero outfits…both excited about an upcoming SKW costume ball.  Eliza, dressed in a lovely black kimono, enters and announces that the grand prize for best costume at the ball is not 10 dollars, as they’d previously assumed.  It’s 10,000 dollars…and as the ladies inspect the flyer, Eliza attacks with a double chloro KO!  Turns out she’s not in the mood for competition, but her foes won’t be THAT easy to eliminate!  Eliza presses her attacks, nailing a sleeper hold on Miriya and Malloy for back to back KOs.  She then works Miriya’s belly against the wall and delivers double running splash…that Miriya and Malloy narrowly escape!Eliza takes a blow to the face and falls to her back, out cold.  Miriya and Malloy decide to get some revenge, taking turns on Eliza with some brutal 2 on 1 belly punching! A double stunner puts Eliza out yet again, with Malloy and Miriya removing Eliza’s stockings for the heck of it.  Eliza takes even MORE punishment via a sleeper KO from Miriya and a follow-up bearhug KO from Malloy!  As they celebrate, Miriya suddenly attacks her friend with the chloroform rag, telling her it’s not personal when it comes to a 10,000 dollar prize!  Malloy drifts off to sleep, but Eliza comes to and attacks with her own sleeper hold KO!   Malloy barely makes it to her hands and knees as Miriya slips away into darkness.  She manages to grab Eliza in another sleeper, but Eliza reverses with a chin buster.  At this point Eliza takes complete control, delivering a BRUTAL piledriver KO that puts Malloy out for the night…and ending Miriya’s attempts to make it to the ball with a standing suplex KO!Exhausted, Eliza makes her way out of the room, leaving us to fade to black on her two destroyed opponents!ORDER NOW!

Length: 14 min

Price: $12.99