(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The flexing pair of Buff Blondie and Bianca Blance stand booty to booty as we get into our no holds barred, no disqualification match. We quickly jump into the action as Blondie and Bianca tie up with a test of strength. The two dance around the mats with their hands locked and Blondie gets the advantage as she tilts Bianca backwards and pressures her to the mats. They lock legs and wrap around one another, tumbling around the mats as they fight for the upper hand. Blondie gets a full mount and wraps her toned quads around Bianca and squeezes tightly, causing her to arch back, moan, kick, and grit from the potent submission. Bianca feels the wind crushed right out of ribs as her struggles turn to writhing, using her limited strength in an attempt to break free.

With Bianca softened up, Blondie gets on top for a frontal facesit and locks Bianca’s arms above her head. Bianca kicks around and plants her feet to build a bridge, but her energy is gradually sapped for each moment of the smothering hold. Her wild kicking becomes quelled squirming as her eyes roll around in exhaustion, then she passes out. Blondie changes position to a leg locking matchbook pin for the 10-count to score the first fall of the match. With Bianca sprawled out and drained, Blondie places a foot on her chest and flexes with a 1-0 lead in the match.

The ladies returned to a neutral start and Bianca may have bit off a bit more than she can chew as she looks visibly weary. As they set off the next round, Blondie’s agility secures a sleeperhold to Bianca from the rear. Bianca can barely put up a fight as she clutches and claws for an escape, but Blondie is cinched tight and wearing her down. Bianca begins to flail as she’s bent backwards and dropped to the mats, unable to regain her bearings as Blondie preps the next maneuver. A waist-sitting feet smother is locked to Bianca’s face and she contorts, gripping at any part of Blondie to break the hold. Bianca submits in a panic, rapidly tapping at Blondie’s feet for her to ease up, but the hold is maintained till Bianca goes limp, softly convulses, then gasps for the KO. Blondie ensures the KO with a limb check and gets the second fall with a mounting single leg hook 10-count pin. Blondie shows her supremacy yet again, by placing a foot on Bianca’s face and flexing.

As they return to the starting position, Bianca is clearly out of it while Blondie is eager to get back to work. They spin around and Bianca blatantly isn’t able to compete as she weakly feels around for Blondie, only to end up clenched in a standing guillotine choke. Bianca shows great resilience as she toughs it out, carrying Blondie around the mats as she withstands the hold, but eventually she succumbs by falling forward. Blondie keeps the pressure tight on Bianca’s neck and ribs causing her to sprawl out into a near KO, then flips her over. Blondie finishes the deed with a reverse facesit, encasing Bianca’s face in her glutes. Bianca feebly writhes around as she lacks the energy to power out and her weathered breaths slow until it’s goodnight. Blondie wraps the bout up with a 10-count foot to face pin to Bianca then strikes a few hot and dominant foot smother poses to the depleted Bianca.

Test of strength
Frontal facesitting KO
Eye rolling
10-count leg locking matchbook pin
Sleeperhold KO
Waist-sitting feet smother KO
10-count mounted single leg hook pin
Standing guillotine choke
Grounded guillotine choke KO
Reverse facesitting KO
10-count foot-to-face pin
Various foot-on-face victory poses
Victory pose

Length: 11 min
Price: 10.99