(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

THE FORTRESS (high-res)

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Length: 42 mins

Price: $29.99

Starring: Serena, AJ Sparks, Hellena Heavenly, Eliza, and Jenelle Sinclair.

In this, our most ambitious action video to date, we feature 5 girls, an intense story, and some amazin stunt fights that’ll have your rewind button sore from repeated plays!!!

We fade in as a highly WANTED crimelord (Hellena Heavenly) delegates the day’s orders to her three best sentries (AJ Sparks, Jenelle Sinclair, and SKW’s ELIZA), all angry because it’s supposed to be their day off. The three ladies salute and accept the orders anyway (the alternative is much worse!), heading off to their posts. The lovely Jenelle heads to the back of the base, kicking it in the sun…gun at her side, as AJ protects the side (lighting a cigarette and slacking on her cell phone, of course)…and Eliza reads calmly by the front entrance, her trusty samurai sword resting beside her.

We suddenly fade to Agent Serena, hiding in the woods near the back of the base, surveying her first target…the summery and tan Jenelle. Serena sneaks from behind, applying a sudden sleeper hold that puts the guard out in no time. As Serena sneaks by her, however, Jenelle springs to action (she was playing dead!), attacking with a reverse choke that gets reversed with a vicious reverse headbutt. The girls exchange various punches to the body and face, including a vicious scissors choke and an exchange of powerful kicks to the face that leaves Jenelle nearly out on the wooden deck. As she struggles to get up, Serena walks over, fires off a quick one-liner, and delivers a FINISHING kick to the jaw that leaves the sentry out like a light….

One down. Three to go.

Next is Eliza, who has fallen asleep next to her sword… As Serena goes for her sword, however, the sentry comes to life…having heard her initia approach! Punches fly as Eliza uses her book to nearly break Serena’s hand and smack her on the jaw! Eliza goes for a neck scissors that gets broken by a snap kick from Serena… Eliza’s now in Serena’s reverse choke, but a similar and flexible kick to the face takes care of that! The sentry grabs a nearby seat and uses it to choke our lovely agent, who barely manages to escape with a kick…only to end up nearly strangled by a sword’s sheath! Serena manages to judo flip Eliza onto her back, grabbing the nearby chair and cracking it across the sentry’s face, sending her flying. Placing the chair on Eliza’s face, Serena lifts her leg for a final crushing stomp that renders Eliza INSTANTLY unconscious!

Two down. Two to go.

AJ has given up on being vigilant…chatting away on her cell phone and complaining about having to work on a SUNDAY when Serena gets the drop of her, removing her gun and demanding to be led to Hellena’s quarters. AJ’s hands go up in the air but the firey Latina’s expression is bored…almost insulted.

“Ok…just don’t, um, HURT me…or anything.” she says, walking towards the door…

A sudden turn and an armlock later and Serena’s hand is forced to release the gun as AJ delivers painful blows to the back of the agent’s neck, sending her face crashing into a nearby brick wall! Serena reverses the attack and grinds the sentry’s face into the brick, only to receive a painful low kick and a roundhouse foot to the face that sends her flying. Multiple face punches rain down n Serena as hr face is slammed into a nearby trash can. Serena regains the advantage, going for sevral body and head punches before a finishing chop to the neck…which gets caught by the sentry and turned into kicks to Serena’s belly. A headlock follows…as Serena’s HEAD is used to open the door to the house, leading to a kitchen battle that includes refrigerator door head crushes , a near drowning, and a final neck breaker that leaves AJ wasted on the tile…twitcing and out cold…

Three down. One to go.

An exhausted Serena makes her way to Hellena’s door, knocking and pretending to be a sentry. Hellena answers only to be greeted by a sudden POV face punch that sends her flying into the mat room. What follows is one HELL of a back and forth struggle between these two powerhouses…one that culminates in a sleeper hold that ALMOST ends it for the boss…until the three sentries, newly awake, in pain, and just plain PISSED OFF, run in to save their boss.

Serena is suddenly overpowered, repeatedly punched, kicked, and trapped in a horrifying web…one that leads to a brutal interrogation while caught in a BOSTON CRAB/CAMEL CLUTCH combo…leading to a FOUR ON ONE SCISSORS KO…and a powerful 4 on 1 powerbomb that seems to END it for our lovely heroine!

But there’s a few things these bad girls haven’t counted on…and a pocketful of Serena’s sleeping powder is just one of them. Check the vidcaps below to see how it ends…and prepare yourself for a female combat experience you’ll never forget…

…and one we’re REALLY gonna have to work hard to top in the future!

And did we mention…


Following in the footsteps of our legendary “Boxing…” series, two legendary pro wrestlers lace up for their first EVER gloved battle! From the beginning of this epic faceoff it seems that the lovely Jenelle Sinclair is destined for a winas she pummels Hellena with lefts, rights, uppercuts, jabs, and tons of belly blows…knocking Hellena down for several near 10 counts…with the powerful redhead constantly managing to make it to her feet at the very last second. Halfway through this battle Jenelle nails a powerful uppercut that sends Hellena crashing to the mat, apparently out for the night…but when the fallen fighter makes her way up right before Jenelle can claim a victory, the tables turn via a sudden gut blow that doubles Jenelle over. From then on it’s Hellena’s show, folks…and the pro doesn’t let up, raining torment on Jenelle’s model-looks with more punches than we can count! Sinclair’s belly also takes a major pummeling, softening her up for a brutal 4 punch finisher that leads to a KO uppercut…one Jenelle just can’t wake up from before the final count is made! Hellena removes the fallen girl’s gloves as she decalres her win…leaving us to an unconcious Jenelle. The fallen angel slowly wakes up and vows revenge…only to encounter a massive head rush/faint that sends her back to dreamland!