(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


We open up to a dialogue between agent Paisley and technician Faith discussing the specifics of today’s test for the augmented reality training program. Paisley is assigned with defeating each sentry, modeled after Faith, at varying levels of difficulty. Should she fail, the program will be reset and she receives another attempt. Soon after, Faith begins the test and Paisley seeks refuge for her first trial.

Our first sentry awaits the intruder as Paisley quietly sneaks behind and applies a taut sleeperhold that effortlessly devitalizes her as she goes limp in her grasp. An efficient neck snap dispatches Faith before her pulse is checked by the assistant. Paisley then poses over her easily defeated foe.

The next level of challenge is met with Paisley challenging the sentry to a free shot, but Faith is easily subdued with a technical reversal, punt to the groin, daggering neck jab, and clean neck snap that sends her into a convulsing fit before resting. Dissatisfied with the gradual level of challenge, Paisley demands an increase to level 5 and her wish is granted.

For the next sentry things seem meek as Paisley handily locks in a sleeperhold, but is soon countered by a couple elbows to the midsection. The ladies exchange a few punches before Faith gains the momentum and administers a sleeperhold of her own. Paisley is brought down to a knee but an improvised defense leads her to a boot knife that’s driven into Faith’s thigh before being thrusted into her gut multiple times. The defenseless Faith then suffers from a critical throat slit causing her to wither away between Faith’s thighs as she deteriorates. Paisley’s prosperous result then turns the sentires to level 10 where her competition oozes competence..

Paisley’s sneaky approach is caught by Faith and the ladies knuckle up before one another. The beauties exchange facial blows before Faith mounts the advantage and Paisley goes for her trusty knife. Faith exhibits her Judoka skill as an arm shoulder throw flips Paisley to a vulnerable position. Paisley’s then trapped in a rear figure four headscissor as she madly struggles for freedom. With her foe potentially subdued and disarmed, Faith mounts her for a dramatic stabbing, but Paisley reveals more pocket sand as she quickly draws a gun and fires leading to Faith twitching helplessly on her back. Paisley then executes a triple tap with her pistol that puts an end to her writhing adversary. The cocky Paisley is then invited to the “experimental” level 11 sentry and things become more interesting for our heroine.

Paisley goes for her previously attempted sleeperhold on the more capable Faith and eats a flexible head kick for her troubles. An arm flip throw followed-up by a sleeperhold put her in a compromised position. The agent finds herself on the other end of the spectrum as her airway is squeezed till she’s in a slumber. She goes limp in Faith’s grasp before a neck snap leases the rest of the air in her lungs. Faith poses atop her vanquished foe before the next run.

The next test leads to Faith testing her dextrous capabilities as she dodges multiple punches from the aggravated Paisley with her hands behind her back. Faith demonstrates her augment by blocking a punch with her skull and combos into a ferocious groin kick. Paisley falls to her knees in woe but her open throat is thrusted by a trachea tap that spells the end for her battle. A neck snap sends her crashing face forward before Faith poses over her victim.

Paisley ramps up the aggression as a shove from the rear leads to a mounted squeezing of Faith’s windpipe. Faith easily brushes off the assault with a trachea jab of her own that has Paisley clutching her own in anguish. It’s open season on her throat as Faith delivers more thrusts as she gasps in misery. Faith then mounts Paisley’s neck between her ankles as she preps for a vile twisting neck snap that suppresses her.

For the next test Paisley attempts to use a garrote to gain leverage but her rival is far more capable as she’s countered by a single hand choke to overcome her attmept. Faith adequately outlasts her opponent before another foot is placed upon her midsection in dominance. The tide has surely shifted as the momentum is in Faith’s favor.

In the following round Paisley approaches with a knife drawn as she goes for a sleeper plus stab combo, but a few elbows allow Faith to break free. Faith makes short work of her assailant with a critical trachea strike and roundhouse kick that leave Paisley defenseless and gagging. The killing blow is dealt with a throat slit that forces Paisley to convulse in Faith’s lap. Another win pose and slight change to the ruling comes for the next rounds of testing.

The ladies start off face-to-face and Paisley’s frustration is getting the better of her. She recklessly rushes to grapple with Faith, but is swiftly reversed into a guillotine choke that floors her effortlessly. Paisley passes out in Faith’s clutches and is finished with a neck snap before being posed over again.

With three chances left for Paisley to succeed she pulls out all the stops as she tackles Faith to the floor, knife in hand. A massive chest stab is blocked by Faith and the duo tussle in a test of strength before Faith flings her to the side. Faith manages to gain leverage as she mounts Paisley, disarms her, then goes for a brutal throat stab that Paisley manages to block. The pair tussle again but Faith’s superior strength comes into play as the knife is forced into Paisley’s throat making her a gagging convulsing mess. A foot over the chest concludes the round for Faith.

The two knuckle up again and Paisley’s strikes are meaningless to Faith’s superior hand-to-hand skills. Another trachea strike sends Paisley into a gagging daze leaving her ripe to a deadly and skillful technique. Faith rains multiple rapid punches into Paisley’s torso hitting numerous pressure points that result in a delayed reaction sending Paisley into a twitching fit. Faith then wraps herself around Paisley from the front while constricting her airway before a neck snap and win pose end the round.

Knife combat spells the theme for the following round as the twosome tangles for the upper hand. Paisley manages to disarm Faith and get a slice in causing her to become overly confident. Her parade is soon put to an end as a front face kick rocks her to sleep face down on the mats. Faith retrieves both knives before setting her up for a vicious double neck jab that spells defeat for Paisley and another glorious win pose.

Desperate times call for desperate measures as for the last round Paisley pulls a pistol and blasts Faith against the wall. Faith slumps downward into a twitching heap before the presumptuous Paisley demands to be released. To her disbelief Faith stands up from her supposed slaughter and whips a knife from her waistband that is accurately flung into Paisley’s throat. Paisley falls to her knees as she engages in a frenzy of retching and gagging before collapsing face down. She’s overcome with convulsions that slowly fade as her eyelids flutter to a close.

Technician Faith steps out admiring the work of her experiment and thanks the senseless Paisley for her contribution. Unfortunately for Paisley, the technician sees it fit that she recovers naturally as opposed to being reset, sending a message of humility before heading back to her lab. The poor assistant is left attempting to revive the defeated Agent as her talents will soon be needed, but it’s of no use.

Sleeperhold KO
Neck snap KOs
Arm breaker
Crotch kicks
Throat strikes
Throat slit KOs
Single arm shoulder throws
Rear figure four headscissor KO
Limb checks
Triple tap KO
Standing twisting neck snap KO
Garrote choke
Guillotine choke KO
Throat stab KO
Pressure point punch flurry
Frontal seated sleeperhold KO
Face kick KO
Double neck stab KO
Knife throw KO
Win poses
Pulse checks
Eye check
Instant replays
Knife play


Length: 26 min
Price: 23.99