(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



“I know if we work together, we’ll be able to take down Tiny… We can take him down” are words one doesn’t normally hear. Yet these are only some of the irrational pontifications we fade in on the beautiful Luna and Sparrow discussing as they game plan an attack on one of the most devastating forces in the SKW universe, Tiny. The game plan is cut short however, as the stunning Orias casually strolls on to the mats twirling a cattle prod. An arrogant smirk painted on her face, Orias strikes fear into both Luna and Sparrow, as they plead with her to let them go, to join them in their conquest against Tiny. We quickly learn why Orias’s smile is so confident as she backs the two wrestlers away from the wall and into the middle of the room, where her partner patiently awaits… Tiny.

Both Luna and Sparrow acknowledge the deep trouble they’re in, as Tiny immediately grabs them by the hair while Orias introduces them to the sharp and electrifying pain of being stuck with a cattle prod. Luna gyrates and spasms as the volts course through her body. Her tongue sticks out and her eyes roll into the back of her head, as she is knocked out and limp, only being held up by Tiny’s grip. Sparrow sees the writing on the wall, but still pleads and begs to be let go, unfortunately, neither Orias or Tiny are interested in that outcome as Sparrow suffers the same voltage treatment. She shakes and convulses as the electricity sends her to dreamland. Her eyes roll back and her tongue sticks out and again Tiny’s grip of her hair is the only thing that keeps her limp body upright. Orias inspects and plays with the unconscious wrestler’s limp bodies before sending volts through Tiny, who rather unsurprisingly seems unaffected by it, and into Luna and Sparrow. The two wrestlers shake and tremble, their eyes, already glazed over, roll even further back in their head showing the gorgeous whites of their eyes as Tiny lets them go and sends their limp bodies gently tumbling to the ground.

Orias watches with immense enjoyment as the limp bodies continue to twitch, reacting to the voltage from the cattle prod. But pleasure time is over… Tiny reaches down and picks up both Luna and Sparrow by their hair and pushes them to the wall. He sends powerful punches into both bellies, knocking the air out of both Luna and Sparrow. Their eyes open wide, yearning for oxygen, as they go crosseyed, their lungs continuing to search for air. Orias gets in on the action and knocks the breath out of both wrestlers with similar belly punches, as Tiny watches approvingly. Orias wants to experiment to see if Tiny can knockout their unfortunate opponents with one move, as clearly the experiment succeeds. Luna and Sparrow are lined up against the wall in single file and are helpless to defend against Tiny, who runs into them like a steam engine with an earth shattering wall splash.

Orias pins each opponent as Tiny counts down. Then Tiny scrapes Luna and Sparrow off the ground and sends them crashing into each other’s face first, knocking them unconscious. Orias quickly jumps down, hooks Luna and Sparrow’s legs again in a double pin and waits for Tiny to count her down a second time… but… she hears nothing. She waits, and again no countdown comes. Orias furrows her brow, calls for Tiny and what comes is a shock with the cattle prod and a lesson that she should have known was always a possibility… Tiny works for no one.

What comes next is a complete annihilation of the three wrestlers. Elbow drops to the head, punches to the chest, punches to the throat, drooling, body twitching, and a boston crab/leg choke combo that twists Tiny’s unfortunate victims into a three person pretzel. Hair pulls, limp body play, piledrivers of both the regular and tombstone variety, powerbombs and firemen’s carries leave Luna, Sparrow and Orias unconscious and the whites of their eyes omnipresent. Tiny ends the match with each wrestler on a folding chair, clinging to what little consciousness they have left. He sends a massive stomp to the back of each’s head, compelling drool and air to come firing out like bullets. Was there ever a question who would come out victorious? And as Tiny throws Luna and Sparrow over his shoulder like rolled up rugs, and carries them off to his knockout dungeon, he reminds Orias who works for who. Yet another example of an immovable force, well… being an immovable force.


Length: 42 min

Price: 38.99