(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



(download as one video, or parts 1 and 2 separately)

In part one of this two-part adventure, Luna and Anne are gearing up into matching blue and pink Realise suits going over how Tiny messed them both up in their previous encounters, and seeming to be discussing a new plan of attack to bring it to the titan. In walks Orias, and after some preliminary greetings they tell her their plan to take Tiny down with a stable advantage of three girls.  Orias is game to play along, and gets ready to change into her own gear, but when her back is turned, Luna hits her with a cattke prod, dropping Orias to the ground in a twitching heap as her eyes roll back into her head. Luna and Anne smirk over their dastardly plan before dragging Orias out of the dressing room, hauling her into the mat room over Anne’s shoulder. After some brief limp play, they dump Orias onto the mat with her butt high in the air, leaving a note for Tiny signed by…. The Machine?

Tiny wanders in and spies the upturned butt in the air, and after slowly reading the note, drags Orias’ limp body up and into a dangling sleeper hold.  Orias grunts and squeals as her tight face grimaces, her eyes rolling into the back of her head until she passes out yet again, slumping down the floor.  Tiny checks on her, prying one eyelid open to see that she’s completely unconscious, before rag-dolling her up onto his massive shoulders, wrenching her into a brutal torture rack. He struts around the mat carrying his dangling quarry, his back turned as Luna and Anne slip in quietly behind him, cattle prod in hand.  Luna jabs the not-so-gentle giant with the cattle prod, but Tiny feels nothing at all while Orias spasms and twitches over his shoulders. Confused, Luna hits him with another charge, making Orias shudder again, while Tiny still feels nothing!

Tiny turns to see the two sneaks trying to back out of the room, delighted to see them. As they try to make their way off the mat, apologizing for interrupting him, Tiny grabs each by the hair, yanking back to the center of the mat. He takes the cattle prod from them, giving it a look over, then jabs it into Anne’s belly, the shock sending her flying onto her back, stunned. Impressed with the effect, he turns on Luna, anxious to try out his new toy on a favorite toy, jabbing her in the belly as she’s pressed against the wall, making her shudder and shake on her feet, eyes rolling, before collapsing to the floor in a spasming heap, her butt thrust up high.  Impressed, Tiny tosses the stun stick aside and then drags all three girls onto their backs before sliding over Orias to count out a quick 3 count on the unconscious blonde, then similarly pins Anne and Luna as all three lay sprawled and unconscious.

Now it’s time for play as Tiny takes charge, amusing himself with the girls by way of triple choke holds, triple bearhugs that leave them sputtering and spitting, Domino belly stomps as each girl’s head bashes into the girl laying behind her, elaborate belly-splash/leg drops combinations, belly stomps, whip-in clothesline combinations, belly punching, running  knee lifts, using the cattle prod while they’re piled up on one another, pile-drivers, head presses, and Tiny Special press/tombstone piledrivers before pinning each girl one after the other as they lay in twitching, drooling heaps.  At last he piles them into a “jobber cake” before lighting the “candle” of the cattle prod into them, making them twitch and drool as their crossed eyes roll and flutter, finally passing out as they spasm on top of each other.  Tiny seems satisfied with his gift, but he’s not a selfish man, and wants to share his good fortune, leaving a note on the pile of jobbers for… The Machine

In part two of this two-part adventure, The Machine wanders into the mat room and sees the jobber cake of Luna, Anne and Orias that Tiny left for him in part one, complete with the note.  Vowing to send Tiny a card of appreciation, he then notices the cattle prod. Jabbing it into the unconscious Luna’s shoulder, all three girls suddenly start to shudder and spasm as the electricity courses through them.  As they lay twitching he then hauls Anne to her feet and walks the dazed wrestler to the wall, unloading a series of belly punches into her exposed tummy, making air explode from her lungs as her eyes cross from the repeated impacts. Leaving her staggering against the wall, he then hauls Orias up, using her head as a battering ram into Anne’s belly, then pressing her against the stunned blonde and unloading a series of knee lifts.  At last he pulls Luna to her feet, carrying her over his shoulder and making her kick Orias in the stomach with her flailing legs before laying her against the other two.  Grabbing the stun stick he jabs Luna, and once again all the three girls are set to twitching in place. They flop and twitch, before he pulls it back, setting it angled on the mat, the business end catching Luna in the stomach as she flails forward onto it, the current pulsing through her, then Orias as she collapses against her, and then Anne as she flops down as well.

All three quake and tremble as the shock rips through them, eyes wide until the collapse over each other, only to be shocked again from behind.  Not yet done playing, he yanks Anne onto the mat, sprawling her on her back, then dragging Luna’s limp body over, throwing her head first into Anne’s belly, making air explode from her lungs again and again.  Next it’s Orias’ turn as he hauls her over and drives her head-first into Anne’s poor tortured belly, once again making her fold up as air rushes out of her, before slapping her into a brutal sleeper that sends the eye-rolling fighter off to dreamland while the other two wobble on their knees.  As Anne fades out, he grabs Orias and Luna and slams their heads into one another, leaving them slumped over Anne’s prone body while their eyes roll and tongues dangle. In their catatonic state he gets each girl to grip one of Anne’s legs, then counts out a three-count pin for good measure
Now it’s The Machine’s turn to play with his toys as he devastates the girls with triple strangulations that make them twitch and drool, forcing them into limp-play sleeper holds on one another, jabbing them with the cattle prod, dragging them into domino stunners, clubbing them in turn with the cattle prod baseball-style, triple face busters, triple DDT’s, tombstone piledrivers, chair shot/limp leg-drop combos, and more stun-stick play, leaving the girls twitching, drooling, dangling their tongue, gasping and finally completely knocked out.

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Male Dom
Stun Stick
Torture Rack
Racer Suits
Rolling Eyes
Crossed Eyes
Sleeper Holds
Gorilla Press
Tiny Special
Pile Drivers
Belly Punching
Belly Splash
Chair Shots
Bear Hugs
Tombstone Piledrivers
Running Knee Lifts
Over the Shoulder
Multiples Knockouts


Length: 64 min
Price: 49.99