(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Misty faces total destruction in this two-in-one offering.  Purchase the clips separately or download the whole clip for best value!
In the first video, Misty is paces around the ring nervously, waiting on Skye Blue to arrive for their two-on-one match against Tiny.  Only one problem, Skye is nowhere to be seen!  When Tiny shows up, Misty tries to explain the situation to him, suggesting that they wait until she arrives before the match begins. Tiny seems amenable, but as Misty begs off to go and call her partner, Tiny grabs her by the hair and yanks her back into his grasp.  The match officially has begun
Hauling Misty to the wall, Tiny unloads with a series of absolutely brutal belly punches, lifting Misty clear off the mat as air explodes from her lungs.  Whipping her into the other wall, Tiny then hits her with a set of running knee lifts that leave Misty cross-eyed before crashing to the mat in a heap. Using his size to haul her to her knees, Tiny pulls her into a brutal camel clutch, using his giant paws to crush her head at the same time.  Misty’s eyes roll as the pressure knocks her out.  But Tiny isn’t done yet, hauling Misty back to her feet then lifting her into a torture rack that leaves Misty wailing in pain, bouncing across his shoulders until her eyelids flutter shut over crossed and rolling eyes, out cold again.
The brutality continues as Tiny takes Misty apart piece by piece with belly splashes, lifted choking, clawed choking, skull pressing, heart punches, LaBelle locks, forehead claws and more, knocking Misty out over and over, making her twitch and spasm as her eyes cross and roll over and over. Brutal piledrivers, cradle DDT’s, surfboards, backbreakers, powerbombs, nerve attacks, cobra clutches, bearhugs, overhead press and multiple tombstone piledrivers, there is nothing Tiny won’t do to destroy his prey!

Squash match
Rolling Eyes
Sleeper Hold
Belly Punching
Camel Clutch
Torture Rack
Belly Splashes
Back Splashes
Labelle Lock
Head Vice
Heart Punch
Tombstone Piledriver
Overhead Press
Cobra Clutch
Over The Shoulder Carry

In part two, we open on a knocked out Misty, face down and ass up with a note to The Machine from Tiny taped to her butt.  The Machine steps into the room, admiring his present before checking her with a little limp play. he hauls her to her feet then delivers a series of brutal belly punches to the already comatose girl, having to hold her up against the wall by her hair to punish her with knee lifts to the belly and a low blow to the groin. Not yet done, he whirls her around, whipping her head-first into the wall as Misty can only flail and stumble in her impaired state, before grabbing her by the head and delivering a vicious headbutt that sends Misty crashing to the mat, her eyes rolling into her head. Face punches keep her down as her head rocks over and over before passing out.  Machine breaks his own pinfall count, hauling Misty to her feet, clubbing her across the chest to send her crashing to the mat before sitting over her and hauling her into a camel clutch that leaves her wailing in pain.  She passes out again, twitching on the mat, then is hauled back to her feet for a devastating heart punch, sprawling her back down to the mat
The Machine picks her apart relentlessly, hitting her with scoop slams, neck presses, modified leg locks, hair pulling surfboards, figure four leg locks, rear naked choke holds, hand smothers, low blows, carotid thumb presses, torture racks, piledrivers, tombstone piledrivers, cradle DDT’s, scoop piledrivers, back-drop piledrivers, and face punching that leave Misty’s eye rolling as she squeals and begs, the assault knocking her out over and over only to be woken for more punishment.  Finally, The Machine folds her over for a ten-count pinfall, picking up the victory and his prey in an over the shoulder carry.

Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Low Blows
Eye Rolling
Crossed Eyes
Squash Match
Figure Four
Camel Clutch
Scoop Slams
Rear Naked Choke
Torture Rack
Pile Driver
Cradle DDT
Tombstone Piledriver
Over the Shoulder Carry


Length: 60 min
Price: 42.99