(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 40 min

Price: $29.99

Starring: Shan, Laticia, Serena and Jackson

After receiving a tip on the Collector’s whereabouts, Super-Shan shows up at a nearby house, only to find plans detailing an attempt to capture the caped crusader and force her to join the Collector’s team via a hypnotic collar.

It’s a trap!

“I’ve gotta get outta here!” Shan exclaims, only to feel a sudden presence in the room…

Behind her stands three of the Collector’s top hench-women, led by the evil Laticia (in blue, along with Serena and Jackson in green), and the battle begins! The girls leap on top of the superheroine, trying to pin her down for the collar, but Super Shan easily shrugs them off like fleas. Smiling with unearthly confidence, Super Shan starts taking the team apart, one by one, bashing skulls together, using her super breath, and punching jaws into dreamland, eventually forcing two of the evildoers into darkness via dragon sleeper and karate chop (and that’s only AFTER sending their leader to sleep with a very long and extended sleeper hold, forcing her soldiers to watch helplessly!).

Super Shan picks the collar up, laughing, as she places it around Laticia’s neck. Laticia’s struggles suddenly stop as the collar does its work. She’s under Shan’s power!! Shan has fun with the hypnotized villain, forcing her to do a salsa dance before ordering her to take out her own underlings. Like a robot, Laticia proceeds to destroy Serena and Jackson with body blows, chokes, and a final double scissors/sleeper combo that leaves both gals in green down and out!

Laticia stands up, ready for more from her new Master. Super-Shan grins as she yawns:

“Ya know…watching you take out your own teammates was kinda tiring. I WAS gonna knock you out, but…um…why don’tcha do it for me?”

Laticia immediately obeys, running towards a nearby door and head-smacking into it at full speed. She takes a few steps back, eyes rolled up, as little birdies chirp in her head. Soon enough she collapses, out cold, next to her fallen squad.

But as Shan surveys her work, a shadowy figure emerges from the…er…shadows…and aims a hypno ray at the lovely blonde heroine. ZAPPPP!!!!!

The Collector’s voice fills the room as he commands the now-hypnotized Super Shan to place the hypno collar on, telling her that her powers will now be useless to her. She obeys the hypnotic suggestion as the Collector laughs. “Now when I count to three…you will FAINT!”

At the snap of his fingers, Shan faints to the ground…and soon enough, the evil female squad is up and at ‘em, told by the Collector to have some fun before finishing the job!

The team wakes Super Shan up with countless stomps and kicks, each taking turns holding the Blonde of Steel as the others send body blows into her weakened frame, taking the torture further by deciding to play “Ping Pong” with her (A game where each bad girl takes turns jaw-punching the heroine until all that’s left is a very dizzy do-gooder!).

The finale seems easy to predict, but the action is as wild and fever-pitched as it gets, as these bad girls finish Super Shan off in their own special and taunt-filled way (“Super Shan is going to sleep for a supe rlong time!!”), leaving her stationed in front of a nearby monitor, forcing her to listen to a pre-recorded hypnotic suggestion as she stares into a deadly spiral…

Could this be the end for Super Shan???

Order and find out, faithful viewers!