(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 50 min

Price: $29.99

Starring: Dylan, Angel, Devon, and Sleeperkid.

We begin with one of the Collector’s top hunters (played by Devon) making her way to Wonder-Dylan’s location as the do-gooder does some quick research on the Big Boss himself. As Dylan makes her way to the restroom to fix her make-up (A heroine’s gotta look as good as her intentions!), Devon picks the lock and makes her way into the hotel room, hiding behind a nearby bed as Dylan sits and finisher her work. As she finally makes her way to the bed for some down-time, Dylan fails to notice Devon sneaking up with a chloroform-soaked cloth! Moments later the atack is complete as Dylan lays unconscious…but the evil Devon makes sure by applying a crushing sleeper hold on the slightly stirring Dylan, putting her out for what she thinks is the last time. Devon starts to infiltrate Dylan’s laptop…not noticing that the heroine’s been playing possum. Dylan stands and does an amazing twirl/tranformation, and ina flash she stands as…WONDER-DYLAN!

Now it’s Devon’s turn to feel some pain as the heroine slams fists into her jaw, landing her unconscious on the bed. A brutal neckscissors/chloro attack follows as Wonder-Dylan toys with her attacker, using her magic lasso to force a confession out of the devastated Devon. The Collector’s role in this attack becomes clear, and Dylan decides to finish the evildoer off with a massive bearhug KO!

Dylan calls the police chief and informs him of The Collector’s presence in the city…but as she speaks the not-so-defeated Devon comes to, grabbing the lasso that Dylan so carelessly left by her side. She wraps Dylan up and forces her to point out the source of her strength: her magic belt! In a second the belt is ripped off and Dylan becomes the victim of an endless barrage of attacks dispensed by the maniacal Devon. Included in this menagerie of brutality are:

Multiple face punch KO

Camel Clutch


Reverse neck scissors KO

Neck Pinch KO

Straight Neck Scissors KO

Face Kick KO

Figure Four Neckscissors KO

Reverse face-down Scissors KO

Belly Splash KO

Belly Leg Drops

and more…

…which all leads to an amazing finale: one where Dylan manages to retrieve her belt and counter-attack Devon with her own brand of vengeance! A face and choke slam leave Devon completely out cold as the lovely heroine poses victoriously. As the music swells and all seems to end on the side of justice, a pair of arms wrap themselves around Dylan’s neck…and a full sleeper hold takes effect! One of The Collector’s top thugs (played by you-know-who) has been sent as backup…and this baddie has the super-strength to back his attack up! The sleeper hold slowly saps Wonder-Dylan’s strength as she falls asleep. The thug awakens Devon, who apologizes for her failure…but the Collector does not accept such gestures! A DDT sends Devon to dreamland, but her punishment doesn’t end there. Both ladies are now double KO’ed by a vicious forced headbutt, followed by a KO bearhug for Dylan and a double scissors/sleeper for both vicitms. The end comes as a 1 on 2 bearhug attack puts the girls out, the lovely Dylan receiving an extra nerve pinch to make sure she stays out for the night! The thug stands Devon up and delivers a final KO punch to her jaw, letting her slump for one final over the shoulder carry back to home base for re-training as Wonder-Dylan slumbers in the background…moments away from being picked up by…THE COLLECTOR.


Our extremely popular “BOXING…” series continues…and this time we had to fly to PHOENIX, ARIZONA to meet up with our newest addition: the stunning and talented DYLAN! The now jaded Devon accepts a challenge from the newcomer, who comes into the room wearing a full boxing robe (much to Devon’s joke-making delight)! Once the match begins, however, Dylan takes an early offensive, launching gut blows, face smashes, jabs, hooks, and uppercuts that send Devon down foe several near 10-count KOs…but our Italian Stallion manages to make her way up each time. Just when you think it’s curtains for the SKW wrestler, a suprise jab catches Dylan off guard, sending her reeling and leaving her open for Devon’s mounting comeback!

Now it’s DYLAN’s turn for belly blows and skull-crushing glove-punches that send her crashing to the ground in several near KOs that threaten to end the battle! Devon finally sends Dylan crashing onto a nearby couch, pummeling the young girl’s face with jab after jab as she talks the smack we’ve all grown to love. It’s when she prepares Dylan for the coupe de grace, however, that Dylan uses her last reservoir of strength to send a single blow to Devon’s jaw. Devon retaliates by landing one of her own, but that’s all that’s left for these two fighters as they pull their gloves back, eyes rolling, and suddenly collapse out cold! The count begins, and the match is declared a tie as we fade out on two Kayo’ed fighters!


We fade in on Femwrestlingrooms.com’s Angel and Dylan working out together, enjoying several stomach cruches as limb stretches for a minute or two…that is, until Devon shows up and mocks their efforts to stay in shape! The fiery Dylan stands up for herself and her friend, which leads to a sudden and brutal KO punch to the jaw from Devon! As Angel looks to her fallen buddy, Devon floors her with a snap kick to the jaw and a series of belly blows (and a slap!) against the wall. After working Angel over with a vicious backbreaker Devon seals the deal with a tight sleeper hold that slowly renders Angel unconscious (as Dylan continues to sleep in the background). Devon, having the time of her life, now turns her attention to Dylan, waking her up and slamming her into the wall. After some more gut work Devon viciously knees the young wrestler across the chin, splashing her against the wall and KO’ing her instantly!

Dylan slides down, out cold, as a now-angry Angel stirs behind Devon. She sends a blow to Devon’s back and proceeds to send stomps, chops, and kicks into Devon’s body. One tight neck-nerve pinch later and Devon is out cold and twitching on the ground, leaving Angel to wake Dylan up and plan revenge! Angel stands Devon up and holds her as Dylan proceeds to send belly blows, kicks, and a hard face punch into Devon’s beaten frame…but just as everything seems lost for everyone’s fiesty Italian, she ducks a jab from Dylan that accidentally slams into Angel’s face!

Angel is out on her feet, eyes crossed as she collapses to the ground. Now all that’s left are two angry brunettes, pacing the room, and preparing to land finishing blows of their own. When both Dylan and Devon suddenly strike with expert KO punches, two loud smacks ring throughout the workout room, and both girls suddenly grunt in simultaneous KO pain! The two unconscious ladies plummet to the ground, landing on top of the sleeping Angel…leaving a pile of ladies on the floor. We fade out on the dozing trio…wondering what’ll happen when they awaken!