(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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SK is tasked with the mission of making his way through a series of rooms protected by Coco clones who await his arrival, yet remain unprepared for his punishment. The first Coco stands guard lackadaisical, which gives SK the free opportunity to slip behind and cut across her throat. A sudden cross with mortality surprises Coco as she gurgles and drops to her knees in shock. She chokes as she endures the pain, trying to find her voice as she melts face down to the mat. She’s riddled with convulsions in a derri “air” pose and a slow flutter of her eyelids till they seal shut in her defeat.

The next Coco finds herself lost in self-admiration and breathing exercises, but the distraction in focus costs her as the agent’s hand grips her throat for a choke and an open body stab to the pelvis. Coco gasps in a pained surprise as the blade stays lodged in her lower abdomen and she drops to her knees. She arches backwards and the overwhelming agony makes her legs give way as she sprawls out, then sharply arches her back as she yanks the knife from her flesh. She continues arching as enters succumbing twitches, then a succeeding death moan leads to one final breath as her eyes roll into KO.

As Coco fondles her frame and plays with her golden hair, she’s caught off guard with a silencing hand over the mouth and a knife stab to the side of the ribs. An excruciating gasp precedes her being lowered to the mats and onto her back where she writhes vulnerably. SK then plunges the blade into her stomach, forcing her into a powerful and debilitating back arch. An empty stare and loosened tension in her body is the precursor to the KO and blade is pulled from her frame. A pulse check spells the end for this Coco and the knife is left on her belly as a parting gift.

A nonchalant Coco finds herself on the end of SK’s knife again as it plunges into her gut and she’s brought down to the mats. With Coco on the verge of defeat, he runs the blade into her neck, slowly driving it deeper and ripping it out causing a wardrobe malfunction. With a finishing touch he stabs into her throat then lays her before making his way to the next challenge.

Gunplay enters the Fray as SK and Coco have a shootout across the room. The lack of cover costs Coco as she’s popped a few times from SK’s silenced pistol. She succumbs, dropping to her knees, then to the floor face down as she holds onto consciousness. The hot lead makes her writhe around and a final ranged shot puts her down. Lifeless twitching overcomes Coco and SK makes his way to the next foe.

SK engages in a shootout with another Coco, but this one has the benefit of cover to protect her. They trade pot shots in a war of attrition, but SK catches her when she boldly stands for a clear shot. Coco collapses forward onto the chair that once protected her, writhing in distress as her ass jiggles. A final shot sends Coco to la la land as she hunches over the chair neutralized. SK performs a pulse check and observes she’s still ticking. She’s put down with two more rounds before SK breaks to the next room.

With a standoff of abundant cover protecting both parties, SK and Coco trade fire. Coco steps out for a better shot, but the risky positioning gets her lit up and laid out on her side with her bra slipped. An assuring triple tap to the head guarantees this clone won’t be coming back for just desserts and SK moves on.

The next Coco copy has the limited cover of a metal stool and is quickly taken down and strewn on top of the seat. She writhes and grinds, clutching her wounds as she copes with weathered breathing. With Coco unable to defend herself, SK approaches and empties the clip to the back of her head, sending her into jolting twitches with each shell, then it’s onto the next one.

SK’s espionage is cut short as his position is discovered by an armed Coco. His quick wit allows him to use one of the Coco clones as a human shield to draw her out. The armed Coco hits hostage Coco in an effort to down SK, but both end up pierced and put out from his tactfulness. The twosome end up convulsing on their faces in derri “air” poses as the Kid proceeds.

A bored Coco clone is quickly subdued with a shot to the side of the head as SK creeps up beside her. She flops into a derri “air” pose and is finished with two shots to the back of the neck. Another clone enters the scene catching SK taking her ally out and opens fire on the agent. SK takes cover with the fallen Coco clone, who twitches as the other Coco mistakenly hits her. Armed Coco loses the battle to SK and convulses as she staggers forward, eventually falling backwards and clutching her wounds as she continues to spasm. The heated projectiles make Coco arch in pain with pulsed and stressful breathing and she’s put out of her misery with follow up shots. Coco then lies twitching and SK finishes the job with more shots to the neck that make her violently jerk.

A restful Coco sits on guard and is stealthily taken down with a shot to the neck. Coco nearly collapses out of her seat as she hits the mats as she struggles to maintain consciousness. As she holds her pierced neck, SK caresses her body with the warm metal before sending her off with a point-blank shot to the forehead. Coco lifelessly stares upward and partially draped over the stool and SK heads to the final room.

The real Coco calls for backup in a panic as she realizes the imminent threat is approaching. She’s forced to fend for self as she trades shots with a focused SK. Coco pulls out all the stops with a bum rush toward the agent with a barrage of pistol blasts only to end up blitzed by SK’s rapid fire. Coco is sprawled to the mats, stirring, arching, and grasping from the burning sensation. Some more shells ensure Coco won’t be getting up again, but SK gets in close and personal for the finish. After running the weapon along her body he plants a coup de grace shot between her thighs to put their personal matter to rest.

Throat slit KO
Pelvis stab KOs
Rib stab
Belly stab
Throat stab KO
Silenced pistol KOs
Triple tap KOs
Headshot KOs
Human shield KO
Neck shot KO
“Pussy shot KO”
Nip slips
Derri “air” KO poses
Instant replays
Derri ‘air” KO pose
Twitching / convulsing


Length: 20 min
Price: 19.99