(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Side-by-side stand the deadly sentries, Sablique Von Lux and Jane Indica before they enter a series of deadly trials to test their capabilities for the coming missions. Each girl takes turns being the intruder and the guarding sentry as they execute the same methods of attack on one another.

The clash begins with the intruder encroaching on the sentry with a knife in hand and flexing their CQC with a HOM smother to surprise the sentry. The intruder plunges the knife into the side of the sentry’s ribs rendering them defenseless as the asphyxiation and bodily pain take over in tandem. The sentry is dropped to their knees in utter helplessness and vulnerable for finishing. A yank of the hair commands dominance before the intruder thrusts the knife directly into the sentry’s heart, inciting gurgling moans and yanking the blade out as they drop to the mat twitching in fleeting consciousness. The intruder sits at the head of the fallen sentry and shoves the blade into their collarbone for another brutal stabbing. The agonizing pain shoots the sentry’s body into the air as their feet are planted, then they splat into spread eagle as they go lifeless. A pulse check and retraction of the blade emit a powerful jerk from the sentry and the intruder strikes a flexing win pose with a boot over their opposition’s stomach

The next scenario sees the sentry stand guard as the intruder stealthily makes their way to them. The intruder gets in nice and intimate by clutching them close and stabbing them in the side of the neck with a knife. The sentry drops to their knees in futility, then the intruder plunges the blade into the top of the sentry’s head for a huge spit take slaying. The sentry melts in a derri “air” pose granting the intruder ample time to play with the sentry’s exposed and bodacious rear. Limp play precedes the drooling and eye rolling sentry being finished off with a hair-yanking throat slit that leaves the sentry vanquished in a derri “air” pose and topped off with a pulse check and victory pose.

Hand-to-hand combat is prevalent in the next round as the ladies engage with trash talk before tying up in a test of strength. The intruder gets the upper hand with a foul cunt punt, then yanks the sentries hair before flooring with an arm flip throw. The intruder follows up with a sleeperhold that gradually quells the struggling sentry. The sentry puts up a valiant effort to escape, however the suffocating hold does its worst putting the sentry into a twitchy and comatose state. The intruder has fun with a hint of limp play then takes the sentry out with a twisting neck snap. To assure the deed is done the intruder pulls a knife and stabs deep into the side of the sentry’s neck for jerking convulsions, eye rolling, and tongue protrusion. After a pleasing display of talent the intruder plants a foot on the sentry’s chest for a victory pose.

Gunplay is the theme of the next test as the ladies perform a quick draw to see who is more agile and precise. From a back to back position, the ladies take a few paces forward and whip around to shoot the other and the intruder beats the sentry to the punch. The sentry quips at the intruder and receives numerous shots to the body for her trouble. The intruder throws the sentry to the mats face down where they lie as a convulsing mess. The intruder uses a pulse check to confirm there’s still signs of life before popping a few more shots into the withering sentry. Each shot thrusts the sentry’s ass into the air as the hot bullets pierce through her gorgeous figure. The intruder then plants their boot on the back of the sentry as they pose for the camera.

A quick execution spells the theme of the next trial as the intruder lands an accurate headshot from behind. The potent yet delayed effects cause the sentry to produce a dead spare into space, drop their gun, and drop to their back completely sprawled out and twitching. The intruder delivers more shots, plugging the sentry with semi-auto shots that force her to violently jerk. The intruder strikes a win pose over the sentry, but decides to hell with it and empties the rest of the mag into their foe before fleeing the scene.

Toughness is the theme for the coming trial as more weapons enter the fray. The ladies enter a katana battle, clashing swords till eventually they rush forward and plunge the blades into one another. They muster the strength to pull the swords from their stab wounds and desperately get ahold of their guns during the intense struggle. They trade numerous shots dropping them to their stomachs in even more agonizing pain. They then acquire nearby knives and even trade juicy neck stabs with each other. With both girls on the edge of their life forces they execute a desperate simultaneous neck snap, taking each other out at the same time. The girls lie choking and twitching, granting you the opportunity to put them out of their misery by using a silenced pistol to triple tap them to sleep.

You also get to participate in the next round as the sentries stand guard for any intruders. You manage to get in close from behind, but they sense you and draw their guns. You take advantage of their lack of action by spraying them down with a readied submachine gun into a body pile. The femme fatales lie defenseless and convulsing from the excruciating stream and you check each of their pulses. You grab a nearby pistol and take out two birds with one stone by using the penetrating bullets to pierce through one girl and into the other. Your triple tap forces them to emit subdued moans as their spasms stop. A follow up limb check certifies that they’ve been finished.

The trials have come to a close and you command the sentries to their feet. With the dolls proven to be extremely effective in combat, you decide it’s time to get your devious plan of a bank robbery in order. With the sentries standing side by side as before, you pan around the girls and a fade to black leads to the menacing thoughts of mercy for whoever ends up in the way of these deadly dommes.

Hand-smothering rib stabs
Chest stab KOs
Collarbone stab KO
Neck stabs
Head stab w/ spit take KOs
Throat slit KOs
Tests of strength
Groin kicks
Arm flip throws
Seated sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Neck stab KOs
Quick draws
Triple tap KOs
Rear headshot KOs
Bullet barrage KOs
Sword battle
Double sword stab
Double bullet barrage
Double neck stab
Double neck snap KO
PoV triple tap KOs
Dual machine gun spray KO
Victory poses
Body pile
Eye rolling
Limp play
Tongue protrusion
Instant replay
Derri “air” KO poses


Length: 23 min
Price: 22.99