(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


We fade in on Sumiko, fresh from her recent victory against Cameron, working out with her friend Vivian. The two agree to exchange some of their favorite moves, leading to an opening stunner from Sumiko that instantly knocks her workout partner out. Sumiko wakes Vivian up and tells her it’s her turn…to which Vivian replies by nailing an arm-drag DDT KO on the surprised Sumiko!

The two then agree to surprise each other in a quick sparring match, but as fate would have it, both ladies decide to go for a clothesline, resulting in a brutal double KO that leaves both ladies out on the mats…as a pair of eyes peer from the background.

We suddenly see Cameron, back in full heel mode, smiling as she sees the ULTIMATE chance for revenge against her rival, while at the same time getting the opportunity to work over an SKW wrestler she’s yet to wrestle. She wakes Sumiko up with a brutal belly stomp, reminding her of the sneak attack she’d pulled in part 2 of this series. Cameron then proceeds to perform an X-Factor on Sumiko, forcing
her hea to collide with Vivian’s midsection! Vivian barely comes to as Cameron decides to start her squash, nailing sumiko with a high flying suplex. It’s now Vivian’s turn to feel Cameron’s wrath as the raven-haired wrestler gets trapped in a hardcore camel clutch.

Noticing that Sumiko’s coming around, Cameron puts her out with a tombstone piledriver and then delivers the same KO to Vivian (whew)!

A belly splash wakes Sumiko up as the torture continues, and both girls are tossed against the wall for some double belly punches, only to get snapmared back to the mats. A forced headbutt puts both ladies out again, and this clip is barely halfway over! Sumiko is trapped in a torture rack…and as Vivian rises to aid her partner, Cameron spins Sumiko’s body, forcing her boots to collide with Vivan’s head!
Sumiko is dumped on top of her partner as the laughing Cameron talks trash, lifting both girls to their feet for a double one-hand carotid artery choke KO! The ladies’ eyes roll and flutter as they slowly lose consciousness, dropping to the mats like a pile of laundry as Cameron decides her next move. She sits the pair up and attacks with a double single-arm chokeout, puting both ladies out yet again!

Cameron turns her attention back to her old pal Sumiko, waking her up with a belly stomp and nailing an awesome chokeslam KO. As Vivian slowly rises, Cameron grabs a nearby steel chair and WHAM-O…a sudden blow to the face sends a KO’ed Vivian flying.

Finally satisfied…Cameron lays the girls side by side and places the steel chair across their bodies. The finisher ain’t pretty, as Cameron proceeds to stomp the chair repeatedly…refusing to stop until both ladies are out cold from lack of oxygen, only to add an extra stomp for good measure! he blonde bruiser goes for the double leg-hook pin…smiling as she piles the two losers up on the mats, and standing for what has to be the most gratifying victory pose she’s yet to display!

(includes 2 mins of outtakes at the end)

Length: 17 min

Price: $13.99