(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We spot Irene Silver in the SKW locker room plotting something devious with a phone to her ear and a voodoo doll in her mits. She’s managed to acquire a bit of hair from her upcoming opponent, Paula Diamonds, and that’s presented the perfect opportunity to exercise some wicked magic. She strolls out of the locker room and we fade into Paula stretching in the mat room. Apparently Irene has arrived late and oddly with a chair in-hand. She takes a seat and presents the doll to a puzzled Paula. After a brief engagement, Irene cuts to the chase and squeezes the neck of the doll, channeling the effects to Paula. Paula clutches her throat in confusion and agony, then the tight squeeze leaves her seated, slept, and twitching. From this point forth, Irene gets tons of depraved thrills with her new toy.

Irene performs some ragdolling and limb checks through manipulation of the doll and leaves Paula lying as a twitchy heap. Paula’s then flipped over and stretched with a half boston crab that makes her flail in distress. Irene keeps the pressure up with a camel clutch that works her back over and integrates a chokehold that places great strain on her throat. Paula’s tongue protrudes as her eyes glaze over and she lifelessly plants into the mats face first. Irene performs more face slams into the mats and Paula is left helpless and twitching. Irene uses the black magic to get Paula to her feet and throws her for some loops with a few snapmares, then knocks her out with a neck chop. Paula’s left in eye-rolling convulsions and Irene and claims some dangerous items from the back.

Irene uses the magic to stand Paula up and applies some chloroform to a strip of paper. She presses the makeshift chloroform rag to the face of the doll and Paula is in an asphyxiating world of trouble. In no time flat she’s left sprawled out and spasming. Irene draws the chopstick from her set of toys and drives it into the doll’s chest causing Paula to spring up in pain. Paula undergoes more consecutive chest strikes and she’s left again as a laid out mess. Next, Irene chooses the garrote wire and laces it across the doll’s neck. Paula struggles and gags as the stranglehold does her in for another KO. Last, but not least, Irene selects the stun baton and drives it into the doll’s chest electrocuting Paula with numerous volts. Paula’s body goes berserk as she withstands the intense shocking and she releases a bursting spit take. For her sake, the stun baton shorts out and Irene approaches to get a little hands-on.

Irene uses the doll to guide Paula’s face into her ass for a smother submission. Paula goes limp with her face buried in Irene’s cheeks and is shoved to the mats KO’d and spread eagle. Irene attempts a single leg hook 10-count pin, but Paula finds the strength to kick out with a KO knee to Irene’s face. She finds her bearings, dismantles the doll, and dispels the hex. Paula uses her expertise to craft a voodoo doll of Irene and gets some just desserts for her suffering.

Paula uses the pins to torture Irene as she stabs the doll in the groin. Irene wildly writhes over the mats as she’s overwhelmed with excruciating pain. Next she stabs at her backside and Irene clutches her rear as she writhes, twists, and arches in anguish. Irene slowly rises to a stand and pleads for Paula’s pity, but it’s met with a stab to the heart. Irene spits up more and more with each stab, drenching her one-piece attire. She’s left spread-eagle and twitching with fluttering eyelids as Paula closes in for the finishing touch. She awakens Irene, who apologizes for the foul play, then sticks the doll in the head with each of the pins. Irene suffers more and more with each prick and the final one causes her to spew again before collapsing into a twitching mass. Paula lays the doll on her chest and scores the fall with a single leg hook 10-count pin. For good measure she plants a boot into her chest as well as the doll’s as a parting gift. She then flexes over her mischievous foe before a fade to black.

Voodoo Doll choke KO
VD limb checks
VD half boston crab
VD camel clutch w/ choke KO
VD face slams KO
VD snapmares
VD neck chop KO
VD chloroform rag smother KO
VD heart stabs KO
VD garrote choke KO
VD stun baton w/ spit take KO
VD ass smother KO
Knee to face KO
VD groin stab
VD backstab
VD heart stabs w/ spit take KO
VD head stabs w/ spit take KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Win pose
Eye rolling
Tongue protrusion


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99