(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We lie in utter defeat, captive at the feet of Terra Mizu and Lia Labowe seeking to use us as a bargaining chip to get money out of our family patriarch. The bag to the side of the room full of diabolical items of our tormentors’ pleasure alongside their plans to dispose of us doesn’t look too promising for our future, so it’s up to us to change that. Fortunately, we procured a spraycan of chloroform before our check-up to get the upper hand on our would-be kidnappers.

A classic game of possum gives us the jump on the ladies as a surprise spray to their faces causes them to stumble around in a stupor as the substance works its magic. They lean on one another, head-to-head as they strive to keep their footing, but a second mist sends the coughing jezabels to their knees. They wobble around in a lackadaisical haze before a third spritz lays them down for a pair of derri “air” poses. After brushing the hair from their faces, the tough twosome continue emitting slothful moans as they continue to resist. A fourth spray of the chloroform finally puts them down, silencing their defiance.

Soon after, the girls manage to find consciousness, but their sluggish nature indicates they’re in no shape for a scuffle. Their demeanor remains feisty as they make their way to their feet, however we cut them off with a barrage of lefts to their faces. An uppercut sends the pair staggering back into the wall and we follow-up with consecutive uppercuts that lay them out. The punchdrunk pair attempt to sit up but are knocked out with a couple of lefts. We strip our captors of a layer of protection by debooting them as we perform limb checks.

The abductors awaken again, completely out of it and we roughly bring them to the wall for more punishment. All it takes is one arm as we choke both ladies out causing them to slump downward from a lack of oxygen. Their feet are lifted for limb checks before we dig in the bag to get medieval on the pair. Firstly, it’s kept simple as a blackjack smacks each girl to sleep before searching for something better. Next we discover a syringe capped and ready to subdue whoever’s at the needle’s tip. Belly punches jar the women from their slumber, then they rise to their feet. Each girl gets a sharp jab of the needle to their neck causing them to waver in narcosis before they collapse forward into a sleepy body pile. Follow-up jabs to each of their rears ensures the knockouts.

Back to the bag we go for more instruments of pain to procure a seemingly harmless chopstick, however our knowledge of pressure points offers a dangerous advantage. Each adversary is flung on their back to withstand an enervating temple drill from the sharp utensil, draining them of any fight put forth. The next item from the bag just so happens to be Lia’s hypnosis beam, which she and Terra yield resilience to. They give into our demands to smother each other with chloroform rags ending up mouth-to-mouth in a sleepy predicament. They succumb to the concoction and collapse backward, then are put to rest by our follow-up rag smothers.

The controlled dolls find themselves under the spell of the hypnosis beam again. They’re given masks laced with chloroform which completely break them down. They aimlessly crawl in protest of the overpowering aroma but end up in a KO’d heap. We remove the masks from the girls allowing them to wake for the next set of commands. They’re ordered to grapple against each other and tie up. They end up trapped in the other’s reverse headscissor before they’re squeezed to a slumber. A snap of the fingers revives them for the next order, but we take charge with a set of neck chops that drop them atop a live taser, forcing them to convulse and drool in a body pile.

The confiners are now under our control as they awaken face-to-face, hogtied, and at our mercy. Their attempts to cop pleas are cut short with chloroform mask smothers. They’re left in the center of the room with the tools of destruction strewn about as we make our departure. It looks like dad won’t have to pay that pretty penny after all.

Chloroform spray KOs
Face punching KOs
Dual choke KO
Blackjack KOs
Belly punching
Syringe KOs
Temple drill KOs
Kissing chloroform smother KOs
Chloroform smother KOs
Chloroform mask KOs
Double headscissor KOs
Taser-assisted KOs
Limb checks
Body piles
Derri “air” KO poses


Length: 28 min
Price: 26.99