(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The golden sheen of the SKW championship belt reflects off the lighting as it’s brandished by the current champ, Phoenix Sinz. She strikes a pose as SK gives a recap of the belt’s history and how it’s in the grasp of Phoenix and she’s ready to give it her all to establish a dominant title reign. The interview is interrupted by a perturbed Luna Lain. The ladies get into a quarrel as they rundown accolades for being the current title holder before an ensuing tug of war for the belt. Luna rips the title from Phoenix’ hands and whacks her with a face full of gold. Phoenix lies scrambled with her glasses astray. Luna gives SK a fairly convincing display as to why she should be champion, but sets her sights back on Phoenix to make the statement.

Luna womanhandles Phoenix into a crunching backbreaker, applying vast amounts of pressure to her belly and throat. The heel tactics come out as Luna employs a groin claw during the compromising hold. Phoenix shows resilience towards Luna’s coaxing of a submission, but folds when the agonizing stretches and claws break her will. Luna flops her foe out onto her stomach and continues the aggression with a liontamer. Phoenix’ spirit is soon broken again as the powerfully arching submission cranks her back. As Phoenix crawls about to get her bearings she’s rudely interrupted with a vicious stomp to the back. Luna’s terrorizing spinal stretches are succeeded by a camel clutch. Their battle of wits carries on as Phoenix is stretched into a stupor. With Luna growing tired of Phoenix quips, she adds in a sleeperhold to leave Phoenix seeing stars.

Popping thigh slaps stir Phoenix from her rest and Luna yanks her up by the hair. Luna then positions Phoenix for a piledriver onto the title belt, but takes a bit of time to engage in some humiliating spanks, wedgies, and ass cuffing. The embarrassment sets off a fire within Phoenix and she breaks the grapple with a headbutt to Luna’s groin and pairs that with an eye rake. Phoenix’ assault keeps on with a number of irish whips that send Luna colliding into the concrete wall. A dazed mess, Luna conks out cross-eyed and eyelids fluttering. Phoenix doesn’t let up as she lifts Luna and spikes her back down with a DDT that recoils Luna into a standing position. Luna staggers around seeing birdies before completely crashing into a spread-eagled heap.

Phoenix picks fun at her opponent by borrowing SK’s phone and snapping a selfie with a completely dizzied Luna. Phoenix’ joy grows even more as she takes digs at a weakened Luna. She gets in nice and deep with a frontal bodyscissor that squeezes tightly against Luna’s ribs. Luna audibly struggles to breath as the constricting hold does a number on her. Phoenix releases the hold and guides the winded Luna up for more. A full nelson makes Luna cry out in pain and violently wriggle as she’s powerless to break the hold. Phoenix transitions to a piggyback sleeper that chokes Luna into a gasping mess as she tries to maintain consciousness. Luna crumbles to the mats and Phoenix locks in a rear naked choke to cinch tightly against midsection and windpipe. A second wind allows Luna to fight vigorously to break free, but Phoenix ramps up the tension, sapping Luna of everything she has as the verbal berating proceeds.

SK’s limb checks ensure that Luna’s done for and Phoenix flips the lifeless lass over for a 20-count single leg hook pin. Phoenix gets hands on her earned championship belt and hits a victory pose over a contorted and unconscious Luna. To make her dominance truly known, Phoenix awakens Luna and forces her to serve as her “belt bearer”. With Luna completely in lala land she mindlessly obliges and carries Phoenix belt on all fours as Phoenix leads her by the hair, establishing who the true alpha female is in this contest.

Championship belt KO
Backbreaker w/ crotch & belly claws
Camel clutch
Camel clutch w/ sleeperhold KO
Reversal low blow
Eye rake
Irish whips into wall KO
KO selfie
Frontal bodyscissor
Full nelson
Piggyback sleeperhold
Rear naked choke KO
Single leg hook 20-count pin
Hair-pulling humiliation
Eye rolling
Limb checks
Trash talk
Victory pose


Length: 16 min
Price: 15.99