Autumn Bodell¬† is at SKW and is excited to get some pro wrestling training from the beautiful Saya Savage! ¬† Saya makes sure she goes into expressive detail each time she’s teaching Autumn a new tactic. The problem is, Autumn doesn’t really know when she’s got it or at what point she should let go before Saya goes out. Due to this, Autumn puts Saya out over and over again. This leads to a growing frustration within Saya. After several KO’s at the hands of her trainee, Saya finally snaps and tells Autumn it’s time to get her hands dirty. The angry instructor goes all out repeating and applying all of the same holds and tactics she just showed Autumn. She also utilizes a few that Autumn has no knowledge of…. knocking her out every single time. Saya ends this session with a 10 count pin, feeling very satisfied…and vindicated!


Snap mare
Sleeper hold
Head scissor
Figure four head scissor
Lifted bear hug
Face punches
Triple pressure point KO
Belly punches
Knees to belly
Standing to reverse head scissor
Hair strangulation choke
Tombstone pile driver
10 count pin



Length: 14 min

Price: 9.99