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Karly has been working for years on her Takaiji fembot and is finally ready to do some testing. She powers up her bit and puts it in combat mode to do some training, but her bot it too quick and too strong as she easily blocks Karly’s first attack. Karly demands the bot the let her go and it does as instructed. Karly uses her control pad to lower the difficulty of her Takaiji fembot and goes for another test. This time Karly goes for a piggyback sleeper hold, but again is countered by the fembot. But there’s a bigger problem, when Karly was knocked from Takaiji’s back she fell on the control pad, damaging it and setting her fembot into termination mode, with her as its target. Karly tries desperately to undo what she has accidentally started, but she can and Takaiji is ready to destroy her. Karly tries to make an escape, but the fembot has her within her grasp already.

Karly suffers through an incredible beatdown at the hands of her own creation before finally and almost mercifully being terminated by Takaiji. Just in time too as Takaiji’s batteries die out causing the bot to come crashing down on its victim below.

Bear hug
Sleeper hold
Belly punches
Wall splashes
Skull crusher
Body Splashes
Reverse head scissors
Lifted wall choke
Face punches
Double axe handle smashes
Tombstone piledriver
Neck snap

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Length: 20 min
Price: 17.99