(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The slender and toned Bianca Blance and Phoenix Sinz present to the camera as they conduct a pre-match interview with Faith. The ladies are ready to do damage to SK in their planned handicap match and they grow more amped by the second. Their pep rally is cut short by a sneaky SK creeping up from behind and ensnaring them with a dual sleeperhold submission. The duo end up completely debilitated as SK applies the squeeze across their throats. Ticked by Bianca’s hurtful words, SK keeps them wrapped up, gradually sapping their life force till they’re out cold on their feet, then SK lets them gently topple to the mats.

SK decides to live up to the “nasty” title he’s been given by stripping Bianca of her top and lacing the straps around Bianca’s neck for a stranglehold. He eases up and goes back to his namesake by applying a sleeperhold to the Italian beauty. Bianca’s eyes roll around in helplessness as she desperately tries to maintain her oxygen. The potent submission siphons her energy causing her to faintly flail around as she concedes. A little fondling precedes leaving Bianca in a derri “air” pose, then SK sets his sights on Phoenix.

Phoenix receives similar punishment as her bra is snatched and she’s wrapped up with a sleeperhold. The deep squeeze on her trachea halts her ability to speak and breathe as she grows red from the intense pressure. She’s powerless to battle back as she goes limp in a cinch, then SK flips her over into a derri “air” pose as well.

SK has some fun with Bianca delivering some light taps to the rear before a loud spank shocks her back to life. He lifts her by the hair and into the wall where he delivers impactful punches to Bianca’s core, forcing her hips into the wall as she lurches forward from the heavy strikes. Bianca pleads as SK creates space, then splats her against the wall with a series of running wall splashes. Bianca is left woozy and winded as SK revives Phoenix to join the fun. Phoenix is placed beside Bianca and has the air pushed from her midsection with powerful punches. Phoenix also gets her share of wall splashes. SK then stacks Bianca on top of Phoenix and performs a set of running splashes that squash the ladies and subdue the pair. Bianca staggers forward and sprawls out into a KO, then Phoenix melts into a derri “air” pose at Bianca’s crotch.

The girls don’t respond to SK’s limb checks and SK retakes his “nasty” moniker by taking Phoenix’s face and shoving it into Bianca’s pussy. Bianca awakens in a pained daze and Phoenix is strewn beside her. Simultaneously, SK applies a rear figure-four headscissor to Bianca and nerve pinch to Phoenix. The girls suffer from their respective submissions and Bianca’s the first to go lights out. Phoenix offers little in the way of resistance as the pressure point squeeze puts her down.

SK takes a brief respite after leaving the girls in a body pile, then startles them awake with a pair of belly claws. He brings the ladies to stand and sandwiches them in his grip for a dual bearhug, cramming the life out of them. Bianca crumbles to the mats and SK hoists Phoenix up for an OTS carry. He then drapes Phoenix over Bianca for another body pile. SK is ready to close out their match and casts Phoenix to the side as he zeroes in on Bianca. Bianca intensely tries to kick her way out of a tombstone piledriver, but is spiked so hard that she recoils and curls inward before going spread eagle. Phoenix makes a poor attempt at escape and is doomed with the same fate as she’s flipped upside down for a tombstone piledriver and planted into the mats.

SK lays the duo out side by side and hooks each of their legs for a dual 10-count single leg pin. He takes a moment to show off the defeated heroines and gets the ladies to a bed to clear the mats for an upcoming match. Phoenix is lifted and put back to sleep with a nerve pinch, then is taken away with an OTS carry. He comes back for the vanquished Bianca and brings her to a stand. She’s conked out with a neck chop and hauled off to bed with Phoenix with an OTS carry.

Dual sleeperhold KO
Bra stripping
Bra choke
Seated sleeperhold KOs
Belly punching
Running wall splashes
Dual stacked wall splashes KO
Face to groin mush
Dual figure-four headscissor and nerve pinch KO
Dual belly claw
Dual bearhug KO
Over-the-shoulder carries
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Dual 10-count single leg hook pin
Nerve pinch KO
Neck chop KO
Body piles
Light spanking
Derri “air” KO poses
LImb play


Length: 16 min
Price: 15.99