(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A cloaked shape sits mysteriously in the corner of the room daring one to come approach. Wonder Mia and Wonder Xhyvette teleport into the room hand in hand. The heroines have arrived in pursuit of the menacing Switchblade. As the ladies explore the room they fixate on the figure covered in the sheet and go to investigate. Pulling the sheet back, they’re perplexed to find what could be a scantily-clad manikin in a sheer green robe and esoteric mask. They toy with the figure as they try to figure what it is, but soon lose interest and evaluate the rest of the room. A sleeping gas overcomes the heroines and Switchblade activates, dispersing a black mist that envelops our protagonists and stiffens them upright in astonishment. Switchblade cracks her knuckles and the sudden spell seemingly wears off from the heroines. A moment later, the ladies are overcome with salaciousness as they begin caressing themselves.

Xhyvette’s sense of justice is stifled as she can’t contain her lust for Mia with a bite to her top strings and spanks to her rear. The spell soon subdues Mia as she swoons for Xhyvette and the two enter a moment of shimmies, grinding, and groping before a sizzling makeout session. The sight before her incites Switchblade to activate and enter the action. The makeout is interrupted by Switchblade’s locked sleeperhold to Mia and Xhyvette is too distracted by her thirst for Mia to notice. The ladies fall to seated sleeperhold and Xhyvette’s body worship continues relentlessly. As Switchblade lets up, Xhyvette takes over as she gets in close behind Mia and continues to worship. Switchblade takes advantage of the mesmerized Xhyvette, trapping her into a sleeperhold where her worship desperately continues despite the asphyxiation. The heroines are left in a comatose and twitchy heap as Switchblade lifts the veil by unmasking herself.

Faith reveals herself as the one who dons the mask and explains the magic she’s used to takedown our heroes. Faith takes some time to feel up the twitchy twosome and revives each of the girls with a kiss to the lips. Xhyvette and Mia lunge at one another as their desires take over, but Faith puts a stop to it, locking them in a set of dual frontal sleeperholds. The pair struggle on their knees and soon drop to their bellies on the mats where the grinding and thrusting ensues. The twosome is subdued, making sensual moans and submissive whimpers as Faith wraps more tightly around their throats. Faith wakes the girls for more and all they can do is target the other for more lewd action. Placing them side by side, Faith uses her powers to zap the minds of the girls with beams from her fingertips till drool pours from their mouths. The ladies rapidly convulse under the influence of the beam before being laid out on the mats.

Faith gets more comfortable as she takes a seat before our champions and performs a snap to jar them awake. The spell forces the two to crawl to Faith and worship her leather-clad legs. Faith praises them with head strokes and Xhyvette gyrates and twerks in excitement. Faith offers a competition between the two for a makeout session with her and the loser is doomed to a nap. The catball kicks off quickly and after a lengthy struggle, Mia goes out as she’s wrapped snugly in Xhyvette’s sleeperhold. Xhyvette retrieves her prize as she dives for Faith’s lips and Mia awakens during the snogging. Mia’s just due comes in the form of a rear headscissor and Faith caresses the struggling Xhyvette before giving her a kiss. Faith rewards Mia with her own saucy kisses as the heroine gasses for air in the submission. Mia takes her fellow heroine out and Faith makes things even more spicy by wrapping Mia in her handstand headscissor. The chain link of headscissors causes the superheroes great distress as the asphyxiating holds take them out, then Faith receives a call that breaks up the action.

Faith relays to the obscure “Mr. J that she’ll be keeping the girls as her trophies as she’s fulfilled the contract. Afterwards she wakes the girls for more fun punishment, which becomes a simultaneous facesit to Xhyvette & seated sleeperhold to Mia. The weakened damsels faintly flail as they endure the smothering effects from their submissions and it’s lights out. Faith opens a portal to her intended destination and carries her spoils out one by one with OTS carries spelling a big score for the villains.

Warp in
Sleeping gas KO
Black magic hypnosis
Sleeperhold KO w/ body worship
Sleeperhold KOs
Body pile
Dual frontal sleeperhold KO
Mat grinding
Dual electric brain zap w/ spit take KO
Leg worship
Rear headscissor w/ kissing KO
Rear headscissor & handstand headscissor double KO
Dual facesitting & sleeperhold KO
Over-the-shoulder carries
Tongue protrusion
Special FX


Length: 27 min
Price: 25.99