(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Set to protect the domicile are agents, Jessica Nicole, Jett, and Buff Blondie. Little do they know they’re set to guard a great fortune and will have their uneventful day turned to sheer chaos by the revered and powerful Switchblade Faith.

Faith slips in through the backdoor and catches an unsuspecting Jessica by surprise with a shoulder tap into a big haymaker. Jessica whips around presenting Faith the perfect opportunity to slap on a sleeperhold and squeeze her out. A neck snap KO melts Jessica into a derri “air” pose and Faith takes the time to revel with a boot-to-butt victory pose. Refocusing on the mission, Faith proceeds and catches Jett lounging carelessly in the living room. The seated position grants Faith another golden opportunity for a sleeperhold. Jett struggles through the suffocating squeeze, but is soon left catching Z’s. A pulse check shows that her work isn’t quite done yet and she tops Jett off with a neck snap KO. Faith then scoops Jett up for an OTS carry, bringing them back to where the vanquished Jessica was left.

Faith takes a bit of a break with her heeled boots on the back of a body piled Jett and Jessica. Blondie hits the scene and is somewhat puzzled at the lack of associates present. Fortunately, Faith’s lowkey position doesn’t give her away and she ambushes Blondie with a book shot to the head. A sleeperhold is wrapped around Blondie and she’s choked to a near KO. Faith’s curiosity gets the best of her and she removes Blondie’s mask before taking her out with a sleeperhold to neck snap combo. Blondie ends up in an OTS carry and is dumped with the other guards. Faith resumes a comforting posture and gets back to reading.

Sentry Jessica is spotted dolling up in the ladies room and pleased with her appearance. Her bad luck comes into play as Faith holed up in the room before she arrived and she creeps out of the shower before revealing herself in the mirror. A garrote wire is constricted around Jessica’s throat and Faith strangles her in fearsome fashion. Eyes rolled and tongue dangling, Jessica is sat on the toilet and Faith marvels at her work before moving onto the next target.

Jett is caught chopping up in the living room with a friend and Faith swoops in with a sleeperhold that breaks up the monotony. Jett flails in a panic and Faith’s minacious whispers motivate Jett to escape with a flexible triple kick to the face that rocks Faith backward. Jett leaps over the couch and follows up with a myriad of belly punches that put Faith into a groggy state. Jett pulls a knife and goes for the killing blow, but Faith parries and the two enter a mortal test of strength. Faith comes out on top as she plunges the blade into Jett’s stomach. Faith then forces Jett to their knees and delivers a gashing neck stab that floors them into a writhing derri “air” pose. A second neck stab takes Jett out and Faith’s boot is placed on their back in victory.

Blondie enters the scene and Faith’s cunning gives her a stealthy approach from behind. Faith’s attempt at a backstab is parried by Blondie and she battles back with a set of knees to the gut. Blondie improvises by grabbing a nearby frying pan and the ladies enter a fast and furious exchange of clings and clangs with their weapons of choice. Faith goes for a stab and the swing is caught by Blondie, sending the two into another crucial test of strength. Blondie breaks the tension with a reverse low blow and a big boot to the chest that sends Faith staggering backwards. Blondie goes for the knife and lunges in for a stab, but Faith catches it and stuns her with a knee to the belly. A nearby bottle is gripped and smashed over Blondie’s head, laying her out on the kitchen floor for a knockout. An exhausted Faith finishes the job by lifting Blondie and executing her with a backstab, leaving the knife on her chest as she strolls out.

The next scenario sees the three guards in the living room together and Faith puts them down handily with 3 perfect shots. The threesome go out and Faith carries out the slayings with following headshots to each. She then sits in a high chair, blowing on the barrel of her smoking gun while placing her boots on the rear of a derri “air” knocked Jessica.

Faith shows her talents in the next set of knockouts as she takes out all 3 of them with simultaneous chloroform smothers. A hand smother for Jessica, then boot smothers for Jett and Blondie. The trio strive to break free, but they’re no match for the chloroform and Faith’s supremacy. With the chance too good to pass up, Faith then finishes them off with a simultaneous 3-way neck snap before making her way out.

In the next reimagining, the guards finally get their just due as Faith is ragdolled amongst the three, eating punches to the face till she’s out flat in spread eagle. The sentries begin examining the bested Faith, feeling her over and admiring her outfit. Blondie notices a strange button on Faith’s boot, pressing it and mistakenly misting the group with an intoxicating pheromone gas that gets them lusting after one another. The threesome get sensual and spicy as they begin groping and kissing.

Faith comes to as the three are distracted and decides who she should eliminate first. Jett is locked into a sleeperhold and the painful pleasure works in Faith’s favor as Jessica and Jett continue thirsting for Jett. Faith blends in perfectly and uses the opening to purge Jett with a neck snap. Jessica is the next to endure a sleeperhold and Blondie can’t keep her hands to herself. Jessica is slowly choked into a stupor and snuffed out with a neck snap. Blondie begins feeling over herself and enjoying Faith’s clutches as she’s clasped into a sleeperhold. Faith lulls her into a steamy sense of security and slays her with a neck snap as well, leaving her in a derri “air” pose. Faith leaves the sentries a pleasing body pile, hits a win pose over them, then heads back to HQ for a mission complete.

Right hook
Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Over-the-shoulder carries
Book attack
Garrote wire choke KO
Reversal face kicks
Belly punches
Belly stab
Neck stabs KO
Knees to belly
Weapon fight
Test of strength w/ knife
Groin kick
Assorted belly attacks
Glass bottle smash KO
Back stab KO
Tranquilizer pistol triple KO
Tranquilizer pistol finisher KOs
3-way chloroform smother KOs
3-way neck snap KOs
Face punches KO
Pheromone gas spray
Body worship
Body piles
Victory poses
Derri “air” KO poses
Instant replays
Limb checks
Pulse checks
Outtakes / Gag reel


Length: 34 min
Price: 33.99