(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Amanda has a special surprise for her roommate Monroe and we watch as she walks Monroe in, covering her eyes, ready to reveal to her what she’s done.  Amanda uncovers Monroe’s eyes to reveal that she has turned their rec room into a wrestling space so Amanda can work on her dream of becoming a pro wrestler. Monroe is a mixture of shocked and annoyed and this surprise, but at least she got a laugh when Amanda disrobes to show Monroe her wrestling outfit. Amanda continues her pitch about how much fun wrestling is and ever asks Monroe if she would be her “practice dummy”.

Monroe has heard about enough of this and demands Amanda to return the room to its former glory, otherwise she’ll kick her out. Amanda tries to plead with Monroe to give wrestling a try, but Monroe wants none of that and heads for the door. Amanda decides that she’s not taking no for an answer, grabbing Monroe as she tries to exit and locking her in a sleeper hold. Monroe, out skilled and overpowered, struggles for a while, but goes out pretty easily. Amanda is super impressed with herself, admitting that she’s never knocked someone out before, but is really excited to see that it worked. Amanda plays with Monroe’s limp body for a bit and then decides that Monroe has the wrong look, she needs to change Monroe’s outfit for what she had in mind.

We fade back in sometime later, Monroe is still completely out cold and spread eagle on the mats, but her street clothes are gone and now she’s dressed in a cute thong bikini, boots and knee pads. Amanda stretches in the corner waiting for Monroe to wake, but that doesn’t happen, so Amanda wakes her. Monroe is on cloud 9 after being knocked out for so long, but soon starts to notice her situation as Amanda pulls her to her feet by her hair. Monroe asks what’s going on and what she is wearing. Amanda happily explains that she’s the jobber in this situation and her other outfit wasn’t very jobber like, so she dressed her to fit the part.

With that, Amanda begins a brutal one-sided beat down on a completely helpless Monroe. Amanda starts off with some light attacks, like a couple of snapmares, but even those moves have a big impact on Monroe, who can’t even get back to her feet after one snapmare and is nearly knocked out by the third. Amanda continues to ramp up her attacks from there, using every move in her arsenal and some weapons too.

A piledriver near the end leaves Monroe twitching and drooling all over the mats, with isn’t the only time that happens in the video, but the torture isn’t over there. Amanda gets a dog collar and leash, putting it on Monroe and walking her around the mats a few times before putting her boot in Monroe’s back and pulling on the leash to choke her out. Monroe becomes Amanda’s human ottoman, as Amanda kicks back, basking in her own glory. A final 10 count pin and two victory poses, one OTS and on foot on the chest final bring an end to this incredible squash match. Something tells us that Monroe won’t be trying any more wrestling any time soon and Amanda’s going to have to find a new practice dummy and a new place to live.


Side headlock takedown / choke out
Camel clutch / sleeper hold
Belly punches
Belly claw
Wall splash
Body splashes to the back
Belly splashes
Fake pins
Bear hug
Knee drop to the skull
Boston crab
Modified single leg crab
X-Factors (one on to title belt)
Chair shots, to back of the head and to the face
Choking with chair edge
Piledriver (excessive drooling and twitching reaction)
Walking with dog collar and leash
Choke out with dog collar and leash
Sitting victory pose
Final 10 count pin
OTS victory pose
Foot on chest victory pose


Length:  35 min
Price: 28.99