(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Super-Tyler finds herself in the place where her misfortunate sister, Super-Kat, met her undoing. Tyler calls out to her, however she he unintendedly summons a villainous Bella Lux who grips her from behind with a HoM smother. Tyler muscles her way out and the ladies exchange words, trading quips and getting into the whereabouts of Kat. A pissed Tyler rushes Bella and flips her with a snapmare, then presses her against the wall with a series of belly punches while starting an interrogation. Bella tries to set up a distraction and eats another snapmare for her efforts. Bella scampers away on her stomach as Tyler closes in, then is able to buy herself time with the sudden wielding of the hypnosis globe.

Bella uses the dizzying instrument to try and coerce Tyler to join Kat and gets some mileage as she gets Tyler out of her skirt. The trigger word of “sister” wakes Tyler from the spell and Bella’s shoved to the mats. The lucky positioning allows Bella to apply a special lip gloss that she uses to apply an ambush makeout to Tyler. The intimate kiss drains the energy from Tyler as she easily collapses to the mats granting Bella the opportunity for a derri “air” inducing wedgie. Bella goes to a sit and presses her feet to Tyler’s thighs for even stronger yanking. Bella keeps the pressure up by forcing Tyler against the wall and ramming the groin part of her outfit up her hindquarters. Bella doesn’t let up as she throws Tyler down to the mats and wedgie’s Tyler from the front. More rear action takes place as Tyler’s flipped over and her outfit is rammed up her backside.

Tyler is left in a derri “air” pose and Bella takes advantage by heading around with continued wedgie yanking. Tyler’s brought to her feet and Bella lifts Tyler off her heels with more sharp wedgies from the back and front. Bella brings Tyler to the wall once again where the chaffing wedgies continue and makes it more kinky as she rams Bella from the rear simultaneously. Bella shows her strength by hurling Tyler up with a fireman’s carry and applying a wedgie from that position. An exhausted Tyler is floored for more wedgies and Bella also punishes her with spanking. Tyler finally passes out from the hard pain to her taint, but Bella has more in store.

Tyler finds herself folded up into a matchbook and Bella wakes her up with rubber band snaps of her one-piece against her crotch. Tyler pleads to be let go but only suffers more. The hypnosis globe comes back into play as Tyler is enamored with it and she’s commanded out of her superheroine attire. With Tyler submissive and willing to do anything for freedom, Bella slips a kryptonite crystal into her panties, which sends her into wavering spasms filled with drooling, till she collapses on her face.

Bella takes the time to redress Tyler in cute lingerie and reach out to her contact as the target is subdued. Tyler tries to scurry away as Bella is seemingly distracted, but is caught by her outfit. Tyler’s thrown to the mats and endures a back-sitting double foot smother for her troubles. A nearby collar is wrapped around Tyler’s neck and she’s dog walked around the room in belittling fashion. Bella retrieves the hypnosis globe and places her under the previously attempted slave spell. A simple “sleep” command knocks Tyler out and she dangles over Bella’s shoulder for an OTS carry and slapping spanks. Though it may not have been as she expected, Tyler will be able to see her sister again, for a price…

HoM smother
Belly punching
Hypnosis wand
Makeout KO
Derri “air” wedgies
Wall press wedgies
Frontal wedgies
Fireman’s carry w/ wedgie
Headscissor w/ wedgie
Kryptonite crystal KO
Back-sitting double foot smother
Leash play
Dog walking
Over-the-shoulder carry
Matchbook KO pose
Derri “air” KO pose


Length: 24 min
Price: 23.99