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We fade in on a devious would-be supervillain named Alex threatening SUPER-SPARROW with a hidden bomb, set to be activated from the comfort of her camera-filled lair. Sparrow scoffs at the idea and attacks with belly blows, a body of steel block that nearly breaks Alex’s hand, and a forced foot kiss! Alex promises to hand the detonator over, but when Sparrow opens its casin, she sees that it’s a kryptonite shard! Sparrow gasps and slowly starts to lose her strength as Alex laughs. She forces Sparrow against the wall and presses the shard against her chest until Sparrow slowly goes to sleep, her powers completely gone! Alex takes her cape away and slams a krypto-fist into her jaw, sending her flying…only to finish her off again with a sudden press of the shard into her chest!

Alex continues her torture, pressing the shard into Sparrow’s bare foot and chest, knocking her out yet again. She makes Sparrow kiss her bare feet moments before putting her out for good…pressing the shard against Sparrow’s temple until the heroine finally loses consciousness. A final victory pose seals the deal as Alex emerges triumphant!


Length: 15 min

Price: 11.99