(includes underwater footage!!!)

In this long-awaited sequel to BAT-TRACY vs THE VAMPIRESS, we fade in on the lovely Super-Becca super-speeding her way to The Vampiress’ (Jacquelyn Velvets) lair in search of her friend and comrade!  She uses her X-Ray vision to scan the room, finding zero signs of life.  She enters, only to face a sudden series of invisible punches, jabs, and uppercuts to the face!   Her super-hearing produces a demonic growling sound as a final punch to the jaw lays Super-Girl OUT!  We see The Vampiress appear and attempt to bite Becca, but the girl of steel’s skin snaps Jacquelyn’s fangs out of her mouth!  Super-Becca comes to as Velvets re-generates her lost fangs.

In a rage, the Vampiress slams punch after punch into Becca’s face, spinning her around and leaving her dazed.  When Becca challenges The Vampiress to fight fair, Miss Velvets replies with phantom punches (thrown from far away) that connect with Becca’s face!!!   She “ghost” uppercuts Becca to the ground and then uses a brutal force choke to render her unconscious!!!   She ragdolls Becca and removes her red stockings, playing with her potential meal…but when Super-Becca reverses a finishing punch, it becomes obvious that the heroine was playing possum all along!   Becca takes the Vampiress out with a brutal sleeper hold, following up with a super-speed KO-Vortex attack, as well as a BARRAGE of face punches and a KO right to the jaw!

Satisfied, Becca leaves to find Bat-Tracy, but we see The Vampiress’ unconscious body suddenly disappear!   Becca screams into the air, demanding that the Vampiress show herself.  Velvets appears, but Becca greets her with a sudden choke grip.  She super-speeds the both of them to a wall outside and tries to drag The Vampiress into a remaining beam of sunlight!  Before she can fry her evil foe, Becca begins to weaken…and it’s revealed that the Vampiress had kryptonite hidden all over any source of sunlight!   Becca’s eyes roll as The Vampiress super-speeds her next to a pool, using rope to tie the kryptonite around Becca’s neck.  Becca weakens rapidly as the Vampiress tells her that she’ll wake up next to Bat-Tracy in a special holding sell…but not before putting her through some torture!

Velvets pushes Super-Becca into the water and wee see her kick and scream underwater, then from above as the kryptonite slowly steals her consciousness…

We see the smiling Vampiress from Becca’s POV as she…and this video…both fade to black!

(includes outtakes)



Length: 19 min

Price: 16.99