(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sumiko sets up a session with an invisible foe that absolutely destroys her, fulfilling her deepest desires to be that sexy little jobber she satiates to be. She narrates her deepest desires and feelings as she announces each move she’s to withstand. Firstly she’s softened up with a belly punch and a slam into the wall. Assorted belly strikes crash into Sumiko causing her to hurl forward then slump down the wall in exhaustion. As Sumiko sits against the wall she sustains further belly punishment in the form of running kicks and punches that knock her out. The foe scores a fall with a single leg hook 10-count pin. A belly stomp rouses her up and she’s lifted by the hair only to be sent crumbling to the mats with a stunner KO. She lies with her ass to the ceiling. The foe stomps her lower back causing her to arch and clutch the wounded area.

Sumiko’s brought to her feet a dizzy mess and eats a clothesline to be sent back down. A hair lift yanks her back up and foe delivers a massive chop to her chest. A second clothesline floors Sumiko, leaving her spread eagle and writhing. She’s folded into a matchbook pin. She’s embarrassed, yet aroused by her predicament and she successfully fails to kick from the pin. Running belly splashes squash the damsel, pumping the air from her diaphragm and recoiling her legs into the air. Sumiko is lifted by the throat and manhandled to the mats with a chokeslam that pushes her to convulsions. The foe flips her over and sets her up to grind the mat with huge leg drops to the back of the neck. Sumiko’s pelvis curls and slams against the surface as she withstands the slamming leg drops. Her arousal grows from the friction against the mats and a  final leg drop knocks her into a twitchy tongue-protruding fit.

A stomp to the back gets Sumiko to come to and the foe sits Sumiko up. He comes running from behind and slams her into the mats face first with a running snapmare. As Sumiko’s dazed he doubles back from the front and lays her on her back with a second running snapmare. A nerve pinch crosses Sumiko’s shoulder blade sending her into orgasmic convulsions as she pleads for mercy. Sumiko passes out from the overwhelming agony as she doesn’t respond to limb checks. Another single leg hook 10-count pin assures Sumiko’s out as she twitches throughout it. A fierce face kick rattles Sumiko from unconsciousness, then she suffers a mounted two-handed choke. The sharp pressure against her neck weakens her as the lack of air takes its toll and she blacks out.

A stomp to the body rustles Sumiko awake once more and by this point she’s begging for the coup de grace. The foe gets Sumiko to her feet and hooks her by the neck. A DDT sends Sumiko colliding head first into the neck and damaging her lower back in the process. As Sumiko’s still awake the foe drags her against the wall and sets her in his lap, then squeezes her throat with a strangling sleeperhold. Sumiko succumbs to the submission and is for sure finished with the subsequent squeezes. For good measure a kick to the face sits her up, then lays her down for the count to bring the session to a close.


Sumiko vs. Invisible Foe
Belly strikes
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Stunner KO
Chest chop
10-count matchbook pin
Belly splashes KO
Throat lift
Chokeslam KO
Seated leg drops KO
Mat grinding / humping
Running snapmares
Nerve pinch KO
Two-handed choke KO
Sleeperhold KOs
Face kick KO
Eye rolling
Limb checks
Tongue protrusion
Twitching / convulsing
Derri “air” KO poses

Sumiko has this massive stuffed teddy bear that she would love to demonstrate her jobber fantasy with, so she employs it in this custom with great execution and enthralling narration. The match starts with a bang as Sumiko is already wrapped in the bear’s sleeperhold. Sumiko writhes around in his grip, but his might is too strong for her to combat. In her powerless state she concedes to the hold as she desperately wriggles around in stimulating discomfort. She gives in and goes limp from the bear’s squeeze, getting even more turned on. The bear uses his mass to mash Sumiko to the mats with belly splashes. Sumiko emits huge “OOF” noises as her midriff is squashed by the bear. With Sumiko passed out the bear secures single leg hook 10-count pin and Sumiko gives in to her submissiveness.

The punishment continues with belly punches that transition into a DDT KO, leaving Sumiko spread eagle and ripe for another pin. Sumiko somehow finds the strength to kick from this one, but she’s still in big trouble. The bear brings her to her feet and sends her slamming back to her knees for a stunner KO that folds her into a derri “air” pose. Sumiko grows more hot and bothered from her plight and her punishment continues with a second DDT that sprawls her out. Sumiko teeters on the edge of consciousness before she’s brought to a stand and sent face down to the mats with an x-factor KO. Eventually Sumiko recovers from the knockout, but suffers another high impact maneuver in the form of a pedigree. Her vitality isn’t completely drained as she manages to recover once more. Any chance at a rally is stifled with a belly blow into a third DDT that leaves Sumiko a moaning and vulnerable heap

Sumiko is stuffed into a leglocking 10-count matchbook pin that’s held past the pin and pressed to squeeze the air out of her. When she’s finally released, kicks to the belly don’t give her a moment’s rest. As she tries to get to a stand she’s snared by a bearhug and squished till she drops to her knees. She slowly fades as the squish wears her thin and every iota of air is pinched from her petite frame. She melts backwards with her limbs spread out and twitching. Her peace is cut short with a headbutt to the midsection and she’s sat up in his lap. The skull-crushing torment ensues with a temple drill to both sides of her head. Sumiko convulses from the grinding hold and it persists even as she’s out cold. She lies in jobber heaven as she grows more horny from the uncontrollable spasms. Next come leg drops to the back of the neck that force her ass into the air and back down to the mat.

Sumiko’s grinding of the mats puts her in a tantalizing state as she constantly changes from derri “air” to rubbing against the mats. To finally put Sumiko’s lights out, the bear places her against the wall and proceeds with pounding belly punches. Sumiko becomes more groggy with each blow, becoming even more faint as her legs are dying to give way. The last blow to her core lays her out on her stomach and she convulses in defeat as her eyes roll. The demonstration comes to a close as well as Sumiko’s narration. We fade out as the bombshell has shown why she’s one of the best to have held the jobber title.

Sumiko vs. The Stuffed Menace
Sleeperhold KO
Belly splashes KO
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Belly punching
Stunner KO
X-factor KO
Leglocking 10-count matchbook pin
Bearhug KO
Headbutt to belly
Temple drill KO
Seated leg drops KO
Belly punch KO
Mat grinding / humping
Twitching / convulsing
Tongue protrusion
Eye rolling
Derri “air” KO poses

Length: 36 min
Price: 34.99