(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



Sumiko challenges Sapphire yet AGAIN to the SKW championship belt, but Sapphire states that she’s TIRED of beating her!  An annoyed Sumiko tells Sapphire that if she agrees to give her another shot, she’ll NEVER ask again.   Sapphire smiles and agrees…and what follows is, bar none, one of the BEST back and forth pro matches we’ve EVER witnessed at SKW!!!

The Action:
They lock-up and struggle before, Sapphire takes the advantage and forces Sumiko back against the wall, she goes for a punch, but Sumiko ducks and takes the early advantage with some wall belly punishment and a boot choke.
Sumiko goes to finish Sapphire quickly with an off-the-wall Bulldog, but Sapphire shows why she has been champion for so long, countering with a back slam.
Sapphire bodyslams Sumiko to the mats a couple times, and hits a standing vertical suplex.
Sapphire is dominating Sumiko in a match once again, and locks her in a Scorpion Cross Lock, then punishes Sumiko even more with a Ceiling Hold stretch.
Sapphire knocks Sumiko against the wall and goes to put the finishing touches on another dominant performance with a wall splash, but Sumiko moves out of the way and jumps on Sapphires back for a piggy-back sleeper.
Sumiko holds on tights as Sapphire tries everything to get her off, after a couple attempted wall slams Sapphire begins to fade to a KO, Sumiko uses the wall to assist and Sapphire is out.
Is this it? Will Sumiko finally beat Sapphire and win the title she has worked so long to achieve, she grapevine pins Sapphire and starts counting her out, but Sapphire pulls her shoulder up just before the 10-count.
Sapphire is still out of it, so Sumiko starts to go to work on Sapphires legs, and slap on a Figure-Four leglock, but once again, Sapphire isn’t the champ for nothing, as she is able to turn it around on Sumiko.
Both ladies are hurting now. Sapphire goes for a clothesline on Sumiko, but she ducks, Sapphire tries again and Sumiko ducks again, both ladies are moving now until bam they hit each other with a double clothesline and appear to be down for the count.
SK checks both girls, and administers a double count-out, but Sumiko and Sapphire start to wake-up and the match continues.
Sumiko is up first and goes for it all with a running headscissor takedown, but Sapphire catches her and plants her on the mats with a Tombstone Piledriver.
A patent Sapphire Bomb later and it’s all over for Sumiko now.
Sapphire covers Sumiko and starts to 10-count, Sumiko is lifeless, it appears her quest for the title is over, but, by some miracle she is able to raise her shoulder up before the 10-count.
Sapphire is stunned, as it’s the first time anybody as ever kicked out of her finisher.
Sapphire yanks Sumiko off up the mats and lifts her for a widow’s peak finisher, but Sumiko breaks free and turns it into a Code Red pin, but, Sapphire kicks out.
Sumiko goes for a kick to the face, but Sapphire catches it, Sumiko counters with a flip kick that knocks Sapphire for a loop.
Sumiko is back in the match and starts doing what she does best, raining down with a barrage of fists, kicks, knees-lifts in true “Fists of Sumiko” fashion, knocking Sapphire all over the room.
An octopus stretch has Sapphire screaming at the top of her lungs, and a couple suplexes that need to be seen to be believed and a jumping implant DDT, leave her nearly out.
A headstand neckscissor is next, but Sumiko twist her body and uses her hands to build momentum to take Sapphire down with a flying neckscissors takedown.
The biggest off-the-wall Bulldog in SKW history is done, and Sumiko can see the title within reach.
Sumiko isn’t done yet though, she’s been around way too long, and knows Sapphire is a tough girl, there is only one move she knows that will put Sapphire away for good, but can she do it to Sapphire?
Sumiko nails Sapphire with not one but two piledrivers (!!!) and makes the cover for the 10-count pin.

Sumiko’s hand goes down to slap the 10th count….

…and we cut to Sumiko’s hand hitting her alarm clock.

She wakes up for a second and then closes her eyes, smiling as she eases back into the DREAM she just had!!!!

We see her go back into the dream state, slapping the final count and tearfully accepting the SKW belt as the NEW CHAMP.

Back in reality, we pan away from Sumiko’s sleeping form and see the title belt sitting by her bed.

So it was all just a dream…




Length: 16 min

Price: 14.99