(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sumiko is steadily grinding progress in the dungeon with situps and shadowboxing. With her stamina and hand-to-hand capabilities functioning at peak performance she zeroes in on the area she’s lacking, core strength. To remedy said weakness she’s hired an assistant from an advertisement website to train her midsection for stronger pain tolerance. Little did she know she was going to get her money’s worth and then some.

Our masked associate breaks up the pow wow amongst Sumiko and SK as she introduces herself, however her anonymity is justified by the mystery of internet engagements. To start off Sumiko demonstrates her pugilism and core with strikes to the assistant’s padded gloves. Next, the ladies focus on Sumiko’s midsection as that’s where the session demands emphasis. Sumiko leans against the wall as the associate lands repeated punches to her stomach. A small breathre gives Sumiko the confidence to endure some twisting kicks to the belly, but the burn begins taking its toll on our heroine.

The masked help escalates the training with knees to Sumiko’s midsection, but it isn’t enough. Sumiko is brought to the center of the mats where she continues to eat a myriad of blows to the stomach without the aid of the wall. With a bit of trust established between the two, Sumiko’s aide escalates the training even further as Sumiko’s hands are bound and behind her back to amp up the drills.

Hands bound and against the wall, Sumiko endures more belly shots as the masked woman increases the intensity. Sumiko, further weathered from her beating, questions the validity of their session, but it’s too late as the incognito trainee exposes herself to be none other than Anne-marie! Ferocious blows rain into Sumiko’s abdomen before she crumples to the mats moaning in agony. Anne releases the hand ties before Sumiko’s gut receives further torment.

Sumiko is trapped in an upper body scissor as Anne drives her fist into her belly. The intense compression and beating leaves Sumiko unconscious as she’s overwhelmed with pain. A camel clutch puts strain on her back and belly as she’s stretched while receiving punches. A few more darting shots to the tummy awaken Sumiko and Anne takes a page out of Sapphire’s book as Sumiko is hoisted in a widows peak stretch. A sudden drop to the mats renders Sumiko lifeless as she crumpets to the mats face down and ass up as Anne takes delight in her revenge.

Further strain is placed on Sumiko’s belly and neck as a grounded sleeperhold locks her in for more belly blows and a squeeze to the throat. Anne literally beats the drool out of her as the belly blows force saliva from Sumiko’s comatose lips. Anne, furious from coming in contact with Sumiko’s fluids, delivers shot after shot on Sumiko’s belly as she lies vulnerable. The overwhelming anguish forces Sumiko’s eyes to roll as Anne beats her to an unconscious pulp.

A backbreaker indicates the beginning of the end as Anne administers more shots to Sumiko’s exposed gut. Anne concludes Sumiko’s just desserts with a sleeperhold as she continuously pounds the air from Sumiko’s solar plexus. When it’s all said and done Sumiko is a slouched, drool-infested mess against the wall as Anne satisfactorily gazes upon her obliterated adversary.

Assorted belly strikes
Bodyscissor w/ belly punching
Headscissor w/ belly punching KO
Camel clutch
Camel clutch w/ sleeperhold
Widows peak KO
Sleeperhold w/ belly punching KOs
Backbreaker w/ belly punching
Derri “air” KO pose
Eye rolling


Length: 27 min
Price: 25.99