(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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On the phone with a girlfriend, Sumiko heads to her car for an evening on the town. As she’s getting settled her radio starts malfunctioning causing her to stall. While she’s distracted, an unseen figure hits her with a mist of chloroform rendering her stupefied and limp. SK ensures she’s defcunt before taking her back to the lair. Sumiko comes to, heavily groggy and in a derri “air” pose. She stumbles around attempting to figure out what’s going on and the disembodied voice of SK fills the room, praising Sumiko for her prestigious wrestling history and giving him the opportunity to help him train up his bodyguards. Said bodyguards emerge from the back as “Red” and “Blue”, terrorizing Sumiko until he gives them the word to strike. Sumiko gets enough of the handsy helpers and stuns them with dual elbows to the midsections, then a dual snapmare to set them up. Sumiko takes them out with agile dropkicks to the back and makes a beeline to escape the room, but unfortunately for her the doorknob is electrified, which pulses through her system sending her backwards into a spasming heap on the mats.

Red and Blue come to to see Sumiko ripe for the taking and get started with a number of stomps to the midsection. They lift Sumiko and string her up with a sleeperhold while administering belly punches. The overwhelming predicament leaves Sumiko out on her feet, then Red and Blue swap positions. Sumiko endures another round of sleeperhold with belly blows and soon passes out. With Sumiko counting sheep, SK sees fit to provide a rude awakening by having Red and Blue bite her face to consciousness. They whip Sumiko into the wall and proceed with a large and alternating myriad of belly strikes. A double snapmare sends Sumiko to the mats that seemingly knocks her out. The masked ladies follow up with a boston crab and hair pulling combo that results in Sumiko blacking out.

The assailants continue harassing the SKW vet to the point of a disoriented fear. Blue executes a snapmare setting Sumiko up for a series of running flying mares that slam Sumiko around into a daze. A double face punt flips her backward and onto her stomach for enticing convulsions. The assault continues with Blue hoisting Sumiko into a torture rack and Red cracking into her midsection with double ax handle smashes alongside hair pulling. Blue releases the hold to see Sumiko splat face down to the canvas for a KO. SK’s encouragement leads them slamming Sumiko into the wall and executing a double chokehold. Sumiko coughs and gurgles as the duo lay into her core with knee strikes then let her slump against the wall as she’s spent. A double belly kick brings Sumiko out of her slumber, but they put her back into it with a double foot choke KO.

With the chance being too good to pass up they awaken her with a wishbone split and beat on her legs. As Sumiko sits vulnerable, the goons perform a series of running face kicks and knees that clean Sumiko’s clock for another knockout. Sumiko’s barely given time to rest as she’s lifted against the wall and forced to withstand a number of whipping wall splashes with the final stacking splash folding her into a derri “air” pose. Dashing cunt punts and a big boot to the stomach keep Sumiko aboard the pain train and they flip her over for more groin punishment. She ends up on the receiving end of stomps and headbutts to the crotch, then falls to a double low blow KO. The masked maulers press forth with a double eye rake to torment Sumiko further then force her to become a convulsing mess via a double skullcrusher. When it can’t seemingly get worse, they turn the heat up with a double skullcrusher with the soles of their boots leaving Sumiko limp once more. Applying insult to injury they go back to a handmade double skullcrusher causing Sumiko to produce spasms and frothy drool as she goes night night.

The two luchas continue to talk in code as they handle Sumiko’s unconscious figure. They wind up getting Sumiko to her feet, having Blue apply a rear bearhug, then having Red lay into her face with brass knuckles from the soon to be employed leash. A few duffs in and Sumiko begins frothing once more, then is laid on the mats. Red and Blue get hold of a chair and send it crashing across Sumiko’s face, causing her even more drool, wetness, and brain scrambling. SK admires the handiwork of his guardians and agitates them for more. They wrap the leash around Sumiko’s neck and drive her into alertness with a jerking choke. She’s guided by leash around the mat room and they choke her out with a hanging motion.

They free Sumiko’s neck from the leather bind and she’s left to convulse in submission. As she lies insensible the muscle continues pounding her with stomps and leg drops and belly punches. With the fight pounded out of Sumiko, she’s hoisted by limbs and brought out to the garage to be transported. They reach the trunk and Sumiko wakes. As she finally lays eyes on the perpetrator she soon shrieks in fear from the rumbling taser brandished in front of her. SK presses it to her core, electrocuting her into a KO and she’s stuffed in the trunk, doomed to what the overlord has in store for her.

Chloroform spray KO
Dual snapmare
Low dropkick KOs
Electrocution KOs
Sleeperhold w/ belly punching KOs
Face biting
Assorted belly strikes
Double snapmare KO
Boston crab w/ hair pulling KO
Flying snapmares
Double face kick KO
Torture rack with belly strikes KO
Double chokehold w/ belly strikes KO
Double foot choke KO
Wishbone split w/ attacks
Running face strikes KO
Running wall splashes KO
Cunt punts
Headbutts to groin
Stomps to groin
Double low blow KO
Double eye rake
Double skullcrusher KOs
Rear bearhug w/ brass chain punches KO
Chair shots KO
Leash choke KOs
Dog walking
Assorted belly attacks
Frothy drool
Derri “air” KO pose
Instant replay
Limb checks
Tongue protrusion
Twitching / convulsing


Length: 37 min
Price: 34.99