SUMI-K.O. – part 2


Sumiko has a problem with Alex, accusing her of being a “part-timer” while Sumiko’s been dominating in SKW for the past few years.  Words have consequences, though as Alex responds with a kick to the belly before subjecting poor Sumiko to a series of back-wrenching body-slams.  Wailing and gasping, Sumiko writhes on the mat, as Alex takes the opportunity to devastate her with a series of body-splashes that leave Sumiko’s eyes rolling.  Alex goes for a ten-count pin, but breaks it up herself to punish Sumiko more, rolling her into a reverse leg-scissors that has Sumiko begging and wailing, before adding a Sleeper Hold to send her into eye-rolling dreamland.  Trash-talking Alex isn’t done yet though, and punishes Sumiko with a Camel Clutch / Sleeper Hold combination for another brutal knockout over her rival.  Bearhugs, Leg Scissors, Ninja Chokes, Neck Scissors and more punish as Alex dominates, trash talking as only she can.

Tongue Rolling
Eye Crossing
Body Slams
Lebell Lock
Crippler Cross-face
Sleeper Holds
Camel Clutch
Hair Pulling
Trash Talking
Fireman’s Carry
F-Five Stunner
Belly Stomps
Tombstone Pile Driver
Taker Pin
Ten Count
Squash Match
Winner: Alex


Length: 16 min

Price: 13.99