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STUNNER? I Barely Know Her!

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We find Anne-Marie in the mat room stretching as she awaits the arrival of the boss man himself, Sleeperkid. Apparently, he’s asked for her to meet today because he wants to do a little training with her. A statement he makes clear upon his arrive moments later, telling Anne that “she kind of sucks at the whole wrestling thing.” A statement that clearly doesn’t sit well with Anne. He goes on listing all the girls that she’s lost to and that’s when Anne-Marie has had enough. She attacks SK with a belly punch and goes one to lock him into a Boston carb. Anne thinks she’s got the boss right where she wants him, but as she tries to press her advantage a quick eye rake turns the tables and a big stunner sends Anne flying, landing face down and out cold. SK mocks the jobber girl, while showing her off to the camera, telling her that this is how she always ends up.

This theme goes on for several rounds, as Anne-Marie tries her best to prove that she’s a good wrestler, only to get countered and sent flying in some very theatrical knockouts. In the end SK double up on some huge uppercuts to make sure Anne-Marie stays out for the night.

The following rounds go like this:

Round 2: Anne-Marie used a belly punch to get SK in a camel clutch. SK counters at the next opportunity with a low blow and KOs Anne with a big knee to the face.

Round 3: Anne legs sweeps SK and locks on a figure four. SK reverses the figure four and then KOs Anne with an X-factor.

Round 4: Anne starts with a low blow and chains that into a modified bow and arrow, then into a leg lock. SK blocks her knee lift KO attempt, then uses some quick belly punches to set her up for a big roundhouse kick to the face that KOs Anne-Marie.

Round 5: Anne gets SK up against the wall for some belly punishment and tries to finish him off with a big punch, but her punch gets blocked and countered with an uppercut that sends Anne flying. Just to make sure Anne is truly finished SK picks her up for one more big uppercut and then leaves Anne sprawled out on the mats.

Includes outtakes


Length: 12 min
Price: 9.99