(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A strip-based match with the most knockouts within the time limit are the rules for Tilly McReese and Lee Von Lux’ erogenous encounter. With both girls down for the conditions, they get into it with a tie up Lux takes point with a knee to Tilly’s gut. Lee clutches Tilly in a sleeper that leaves her out on her feet, then takes to a seated position to lock in another. The fight is drained right of Tilly as she tuckers out in the strangle. Lee takes advantage of her fallen doll performing a 10-count single leg hook pin alongside some titillating clit rubbing to establish control over her opposition. With Tilly Choked senseless, Lee removes her arm band then strikes a victory pose over her for the first round

A vindictive Tilly evens the score as she twists Lee’s arm into a wrist lock, then performs a technical arm flip throw and turns it into a cross armbar. Lee taps and squirms from the excruciating submission, then Tilly capitalizes with a side headscissor. Lee goes out between Tilly’s delectable legs, then gets her petite frame squashed with a belly splash. Tilly returns the pussy-pleasing pinfall, but then ups the ante with a grinding groin smother KO to get her point across. Lee gets her arm bands stripped and Tilly puts an authoritative foot on her stomach as she poses.

Lee is quick on the offensive as she takes Tilly out with a belly kick to stunner combination. A 10-count mountain double leg hook pin as she grinds on top of Tilly gets her a quick fall as well as the removal of Tilly’s boots. Tilly has a strong rebuttal in the next round as she staggers Lee back with a face kick that drops her to her knees, then rocks her jaw with follow up kicks. Those talented feet get pressed to Lee’s face for a KO smother. Lee gets curled into a 10-count groping matchbook pin topped off with a punch to the face and Tilly gets to remove her one piece.

In the next round Tilly teases her about the possession of her swimsuit, but Lee makes her eat those words with a belly kick, snatching the swimsuit, then wrapping it around Tilly’s throat. Tilly wriggles around on her rear to escape the chokehold, but Lee has her number and it’s goodnight. Lee scores a 10-count leg locking matchbook pin with belly punches, then strips Tilly of her one-piece.

Tilly jumps the gun in the next countdown, trapping Lee in a sleeperhold, then performing a 10-count reverse facesitting pin that Lee can’t help but get herself off to as she withstands it. Tilly removes Lee’s boots and knee pads leading to both women being nearly in their birthday suits. Tilly hits a win pose in her reverse sitting position with a flex and the bout proceeds.

Tilly’s pressure continues in the next round as she lands a boot to Lee’s stomach before planting her with a DDT. Tilly is lifted for more, but Lee battles out of her grasp with belly punches. Lee returns the DDT, leaving Tilly laid out, then serves her a reverse 10-count reverse facesitting pin as she gropes her prize. Lee takes Tilly’s knee pads, nylons, and panties before mounting her body and worshiping her prize. Lee tastes Tilly’s titties and mouth, which eventually sparks Tilly awake and the intimacy between the girls takes over the match.

Things get wild as Tilly removes the rest of Lee’s garments and kisses all over her body. Lee goes to the mats and Tilly worships from bottom to top as she climbs Lee, eventually getting to the nape of her neck, then it’s face to face as they grip and grope. As the makeout, Lee sneaks in a nerve pinch to Tilly’s neck, sending her into a gradual siesta as their snogging slows. Lee then finishes the job by clamping Tilly into a sleeperhold as she rubs at herself and Tilly gets off to her perilous predicament before she’s out cold. Lee gets one more good 10-count single leg hook pin and poses over Tilly with a reverse facesit as she gets herself off. A weathered Lee poses on top of a defeated Tilly and leaves her to enjoy her submissive state.

Knee to belly
Sleeperhold KO
Seated sleeperhold KOs
10-count single leg hook pins w/ masturbation
Arm flip throw
Cross armbar
Side headscissor KO
Belly splash
Frontal face grind KO
Stunner KO
10-count mounting double leg hook pin w/ grinding
Face kicks KO
Double foot smother KO
10-count folding matchbook pin w/ masturbation and face punch
One-piece choke KO
10-count leg locking matchbook pin w/ belly punching
10-count reverse facesitting pins w/ masturbation
Belly punches
French kissing KO
Seated sleeperhold w/ masturbation KO
Nerve pinch w/ kissing KO
Ass kissing
Body worship
Breast sucking
Victory poses
Item strip after each fall
Limb checks
Trash talk
Instant replays


Length: 55 min
Price: 52.99