(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Here we are for the crossover of crossovers as we have Street FIghter’s R. Mika (depicted by Galas) vs. Mortal Kombat’s Kitana (depicted by Paisley). Two combatants known for their lethal derriere attacks meet on the SKW mats to prove who’s the superior fighter from the superior franchise. The ladies hit their intros and enter their stances as SK elaborates on the ruleset for their multi falls match. They quickly comply and with a countdown they rush into the scrap.

Kitana rushes in with a fan stab, but Mika parries and counters with a belly punch. An uppercut with the dropped fan sprawls Kitana out with her brains scrambled. Mika presses forward with irish whipping Kitana into the wall and follows up with a multitude of belly punches. With Kitana dazed, Mika steals her mask and continues to warm up her ribs with belly blows. A snapmare tumbles Kitana forward and Mika combos into a low dropkick to the back. Mika brings Kitana to her feet and doubles her over with another belly blow, then plunges her into the mats face first with an x-factor KO. Mika continues to punish by gripping the legs and twisting Kitana around for a liontamer submission. Kitana taps out, but Mika ignores the taps and taunts her rival. Mika relinquishes the hold and aims for the neck with a sleeperhold. Kitana faintly stirs around as she’s choked to sleep, then goes droopy as the KO sets in. Mika scores the first fall with a 10-count leg locking matchbook pin then poses victoriously over the fan-wielding femme fatale.

Before the second round the girls land sharp quips at one another before it goes to blows. Mika rushes in with a double ax handle that Kitana blocks and punishes with a headbutt that staggers Mika into the wall. Lethal fists and feet come across Mika in the forms of backhanded chest chops, belly kicks, and running roundhouse kicks. Kitana’s coup de grace is delivered as a superman punch that cleans Mika’s clock, causing her to stagger forward before melting into a derri “air” pose. Kitana kicks Mika’s slumped figure over and lays into her with running leg drops to the trachea. Kitana gets more precise with seated leg drops that shoot Mika’s legs into the air. Kitana returns to a stand and nails a running face kick that rolls Mika to the edge of the mats. Kitana takes a short breather as she fans herself then jars Mika awake with a belly stomp. Mika is stood before Kitana and is finished with a swiping fan blade to the throat causing her to clutch the wound as she drools profusely before collapsing backwards for a jaw-dropping knockout. Mika receives a 10-count single leg hook pin that spells defeat and Kitana leaves her with a goodnight kiss on the cheek before the next round.

With the 3rd round inbound the ladies trade words and kick the round off with Kitana in the lead. A stomach kick to Mika hurls her forward and sets her up for an arm flip throw. Kitana pursues with a rear headscissor that gets Mika’s thick thighs kicking in a tizzy. Mika counters with a leg scissor that gets Kitana to release the hold, then nearly knocks her out with an eat defeet slam. Once again, Mika unmasks her competition then goes back to the legs for a figure-four leg lock submission. Kitana furiously taps, which Mika pleasurably ignores. The submissions continue as Mika applies a handstand headscissor from the side, placing excess pressure on her throat. Kitana’s face grows red with exhaustion as she’s worn down into a knockout, then pinned to the mat with a 10-count single leg hook. Mika feigns the kickout to do more damage to Kitana with a running sweet chin music to put her lights out. The following single leg hook pin is successful and Mika performs a boot to belly win pose as she flexes.

The fourth round seems the girls get in close and personal as they enter a test of strength. The power constantly shifts as one fighter gets the edge over the other. Kitana seemingly overpowers Mika, but is lured into a debilitating triangle choke. Mika gets cocky by entering a state of relaxation as she applies the squeeze, but that only opens her up to Ktiana’s paralyzing snake strikes. Mika’s suddenly stiff and frozen from the stinging blows and Kitana poses her as she sees fit. Kitana brings Mika to a stand and lays into her midsection with more zapping snake strikes. Mika can’t break from the paralysis then suffers from a mysterious powdery substance being blown into her face. Mika’s out on her feet and she stares blankly in the distance and becomes a victim to Kitana’s hypnosis. Kitana forces her into a makeout session, then puts her down with a fan stab to the heart and neck resulting in a torrent of drool before falling into a twitchy fit. Kitana secures her own 10-count leg locking matchbook pin then snogs Mika once more to top off the brutality.

In the coming round the twosome exchange words before taking each other out with a roundhouse kick double KO. Both girls go spread eagle and senseless, but Mika is the first to get her bearings. She takes advantage by wrapping Kitana up with a reverse headscissor, but falls victim to the same maneuver and both babes squeeze each other simultaneously into another double KO.

The sudden death round jumps off with more trash talk and a blocked fan stab, into a disarm, into a returned fan stab. Kitana hits the wall seeing stars and Mika keeps the stabs coming. Mika snatches the mask from her face and the drool pours from her sealed lips. Further stabbing turns Kitana into a tongue protruding fountain of saliva. Mika returns to her realm as she gets hold of a steel chair then performs a running chair splash that splatters Kitana into a derri “air” pose. Multiple follow up chair shots cause Kitana’s ass to furiously jiggle as she transitions from derri “air” poses to sprawled out. Mika decides it’s time to finish the opposition and hikes her legwear up her hindquarters to expose those succulent glutes. A loud ass slap is succeeded by a war cry and a flying peach finisher to Kitana’s face, knocking her out with the force of her rump and leaving her ripe for a 10-count single leg hook pin. Mika strikes one last pose over Kitana and returns the goodnight smooch to the lips for an easter egg friendship finisher.

Fan blade KO
Belly punching
Low dropkick
X-factor KO
Sleeperhold KO
10-count leg locking matchbook pins
Assorted belly blows
Running high kicks
Superman punch KO
Running leg drops
Seated leg drops
Running face kick KO
Fan blade throat slit KO
10-count single leg hook pins
Goodnight kisses
Judo arm flip throw
Rear headscissor
Leg scissor reversal
Eat defeet
Figure-four leg lock
Handstand headscissor KO
Feigned 10-count single leg hook pin
Sweet chin music KO
Test of strength
Triangle choke
Paralyzing snake strikes
Enervating powder mist
One-sided kissing
Fan stabs KO
Roundhouse kicks double KO
Reverse headscissor
Reverse headscissors double KO
Multiple fan stabs w/ excess drooling
Running chair splash KO
Grounded chair shots
Mika flying peach KO
Friendship finisher
Twitching / convulsing
Ignored tapouts
Instant replay
Tongue protrusion
Limb checks
Derri “air” KO poses
Victory poses
Trash talk

Length: 35 min
Price: 34.99