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In this multi-round battle, the beautiful Cali Logan faces off against the equally stunning Stephanie Anders in an intense back and forth battle to the finish!   Breakdown  (each round ends with a pin and victory pose):

Round one: Stephie breaks free from a test of strength, works Cali’s belly over, and KOs her with a scissors/dragon sleeper combo!

Round two: Cali nails an Irish Whip reversal and slams Stephie with a running wall splash for the win!

Round three: Stephie reverses a bearhug with a headbutt and applies one of her own, squeezing the life out of Cali for the win!

Round four: Cali nails an atomic drop and follows up with an elevated side neck scissors/armlock combo.  She drops Stephie and applies a side neck scissors that puts the blonde competitor to sleep!

Round five: Stephie reverses a sleeper hold and applies one of her own for the win!

Round six:  Cali peppers Stephie’s face with punches and sends her to Dreamland after a brutal kick to the chin!

Round seven: a double clothesline puts both girls down…and a double hand-over-mouth front sleeper leads to a double KO!!

Final round: Stephie nails a belly punch, followed by punches to the face, dazing Cali.  A final right cross to the chin lays Cali out for the pin…and win!

Winner: Stephanie!


Length: 10 min
Price: 8.99