(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 59 min

Price: 29.99

Serena stars in SIX KICKASS custom clips…compiled here for a special low price!

Starring: Serena, Jackson, Sleeperkid, Angelina, and Jordan!


CLIP # 1:  originally released as “BACK ATTACK”

Wonder-Serena is suddenly attacked with a low blow from behind. As she crumbles, realizing it’s SK who’s behind the cowardly ambush, we see him tear off her headband, thus relieving her of her powers! Sleeperkid tortures Serena’s back with a powerful over the knee backbreaker, only to slide her into an immediate standing-boston crab! A powerful bearhug comes next, and then a massive over the shoulder TORTURE RACK that SK keeps on until Serena is completely unconscious from the pain. As he poses over her, however, Serena clutches his foot. “I’ll NEVER give up” she says weakly. Sleeperkid picks her up and slides her into a final over the knee backbreaker that KO’s the blonde heroine via the sheer pain tearing through her back! SK refuses to let go, and the last thing we see is an unconscious heroine, her back nearly broken as she slumbers across her attacker’s knee!

CLIP # 2: originally released as “LEG FOR MERCY”

Seems Serena and Jackson have agreed to a special “legs” battle, one where those particular appendages must be used to elicit an “I QUIT” submission from your opponent. Unaware that this is not a STRICT rule, Serena is suddenly attacked with a belly blow and a stunning Flat-Liner (the first ever performed at SKW!) that leaves her dazed and open to Jackson’s attack…one that lasts 15 minutes straight and includes every form of scissors submission you could hope for, not to mention a brutal figure four leglock, upside-down neck scissors, a single ballet-split mounted body scissors that needs to be seen to be believed, the BRUTAL split neck scissors you see above, and a whole lot more… The ending comes with a final tearful submission…but Jackson ain’t done yet! She reapplies a brutal side neckscissors that leaves Serena begging for a release, one that is granted in the most unfortunate way: with a neckbreaker/scissor-slam knockout!!!

CLIP # 3: originally released as “FAMILY WAR”

In this, Jordan’s live action debut, the lovely blonde accepts a challenge placed by younger sister Serena to a 3 KOs battle. The first to knock her opponent out three times scores the win, and with Jordan sneak attacking Serena with an elbow to the gut and a vicious stunner, it looks like we have a lady in the lead!
The match ain’t over yet, though, with both sisters exacting their own brand of justice via an additonal stunner, various leghook pins, a long held sleeper, a DDT KO, and a final double clothesline that leaves both girls out cold in a pile.

Looks like we have a tie, folks!

CLIP # 4: SLEEPERKID vs SERENA (belly destruction)

In this previously unreleased clip, SK completely destroys Serena’s belly (with Serena decked out in a leotard and tights after she agrees to a belly punching demonstration that goes horribly awry!

SK takes Serena down vs stomps, punches, kicks, belly strike KOs, humiliation, and a final handsmother KO!

CLIP # 5:  Originally released as “I WONDER, SERENA”  (clip two)

This time reality and fantasy collide as Angelina completely dominates Wonder-Serena (after a sneak attack) with belly attacks, camel clutch, sitting leg-nelson, stunner KO, Texas Cloverleaf, surfboard/armpull, dragon sleeper KO, a DDT on a steel tray (!!!), and a final figure four neck scissors that leaves our blonde heroine slumbering on the mats, posed over by the vicious Angelina (who happens to be sporting Serena’s headband!) (outtakes included!)

CLIP # 6: originally released as “ATOMIC HELENA” (clip one)

Helena completely destroys Serena (when she was a rookie!!) with repeated atomic drops and various pins.  Each clip ends with a final brutal atomic drop and a decisive pin from the lovely Helena, with a final fade on Serena…writhing in pain on the ground.

A final cobra clutch renders the lovely blonde unconscious…leaving a triumphant Helena, sporting a wicker victory smile!!!