Filmed when Sumiko was just starting with SKW and recently re-discovered, this amazing battle features the beautiful JULIE SQUEEZE in her official SKWPPV debut!  The ladies agree to a multi-fall grappling/KOs battle, one that MUST end with a complete KO before a point can be given.  Both ladies go all out in this heated contest, but in the end it’s Julie Squeeze who scores the final deciding KO!!!Here’s the breakdown:
ROUND ONE:  Julie dominates, grappling Sumiko down and applying a full weight body press, mounted choke, grapevine, body scissors, armlock, sleeper hold KO, and a few arm checks.ROUND TWO: Sumiko attacks with a jujigitame armlock, guillotine choke/bodyscissors, armlock, body scissors, modified figure four leglock KO/arm checks.ROUND THREE: Julie attacks with a tight body scissors, leghook pin press, full body chest press, and a final bearhug KO, with added limp ragdoll carries and a cradle drop to the mats.ROUND FOUR: Sumiko attacks with a rear naked choke that she refuses to release until Julie is out COLD!  She is awarded her points after a few arm checks.ROUND FIVE: Sumiko attacks with a grapevine but Julie reverses with a body scissors and guillotine, turning it into a triangle choke that puts Sumiko to sleep for the last time. She goes for a final pin and victory pose as we fade to black.

WINNER:  Julie Squeeze!!!


Length: 15 min

Price: $13.99