(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



Sparrow is modeling for a new set of shots, wearing a casual jeans and halter top combo as she flexes and poses for the camera. In from behind walks Jacquelyn, wearing a tiny black bikini, clearly unimpressed with what she’s seeing.  She’s rented out the mat space for a wrestling match, and has decided Sparrow’s shoot is over.  An angered Sparrow shoves Jacquelyn back, wanting to continue the shoot, but a handful of hair from behind changes plans in a hurry
Jacquelyn drags Sparrow to the wall, holding her upright for a series brutal shots to the belly, exposed by Sparrow’s halter top.  Sparrow begs to leave her tummy alone, since she needs it for work, which only inspires Jacquelyn to claw at it, raking Sparrows belly with wicked nails.  Sparrow wails in pain as her belly erupts with fire, but Jacquelyn isn’t finished with her yet, winding up for a series of swift kicks to Sparrow’s belly. Sparrow gasps and jumps as each kick impacts her soft flesh, squealing as Jacquelyn pauses to claw at her tummy from time to time. Finally, Sparrow is pulled away from the wall, only to be dropped to the mat by a brutal punch from Jacquelyn’s fist, her tongue dangling.
Jacquelyn wakes’ sparrow up with some belly slaps, then hauls her to her feet for a crushing bearhug, arms locked round Sparrows belly as Sparrow’s eye bulge and cross, drool bubbling from her mouth until she finally passes out, and Jacquelyn drops her to the mat
Jacquelyn then begins to undress Sparrow, stripping her down to a shiny pink bikini, then stomping her belly to wake up back up. Sparrow whimpers and moans in pain, then tries to crawl her way to the door to leave, but Jacquelyn cuts her off with a stomp to the back, then uses a handful of Sparrow’s hair to pull her over her knee, belly up, perfectly vulnerable to Jacquelyn’s claws! Sparrows belly is raked then punched repeatedly as she can only howl in pain, twitching as Jacquelyn bows her back hard over her knee until drool spills from Sparrow’s mouth, passing out.
Another belly stomp brings Sparrow back around and she slowly begins to crawl away from Jacquelyn, her rounded butt too tempting for Jacquelyn not to fire a brutal kick up between it, low-blowing Sparrow hard.  As Sparrow writhes in pain, Jacquelyn straddles her from behind pulling her arms back for an excruciating camel clutch. Sparrow’s eyes bug and cross as the hold is cinched in tight, gasping as her legs thrash. Jacquelyn releases her only to haul her up by the neck, pressing her against the wall again for a series of belly punches and clawing, the final flurry of fists sending Sparrow crashing face first into the mat, butt high in the air.  Jacquelyn grabs a bench and taser, setting them up as Sparrow wiggles on the mat, hauling her upright by the hair when ready, then throwing Sparrow over the taser, making her spasm and twitch violently as the current explodes through her body.
Drool spills from Sparrows mouth as the electrocution continue, while Jacquelyn trash talks the would-be model. Finally, Sparrow passes out, flopping down to the mat, but Jacquelyn isn’t done with the taser yet, using it to zap Sparrow’s belly to wake her, before hauling her over to the wall then jamming the taser into Sparrows’ belly, making her collapse and twitch.  A few more belly punches then sends Sparrow off to dreamland as Jacquelyn plays with her belly.

Face Punching
Hair Pulling
Belly Punching
Belly Clawing
Eyes Crossing
Belly Kicking
Protrusion Tongue


Length: 17 min
Price: 14.99