(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Monroe sits sternly, watching in her two-piece bikini for any would-be spies. Her awareness betrays her Serena quietly approaches from behind with a massive blade. A tap to the shoulder startles Monroe around and her midsection is pierced, leaving her to fall flat in a groaning heap. Serena circles her as it takes Monroe everything to get to her knees. A jaw-crushing kick knocks Monroe out cold, allowing Serena to drag her to seclusion. Serena keeps watch for any potential intruders and Monroe silently sneaks in with the broad blade. She repays Serena with a shoulder tap and huge stab to the gut that drops the blonde face forward. Serena writhes in distress and Monroe mounts her back for a bit of mental toying. A crunching neck snap takes Serena out and Monroe removes the lifeless sentry from the scene.

Monroe keeps an eye out for any ill will taking place and is suddenly bonked over the head by Serena’s blackjack. She drops to her rear but isn’t allowed rest as Serena forces her upward. A ferocious face kick sprawls Monroe on her back into soft moans. Serena pleasurably mounts her vulnerable target and tears into her with conking lefts and rights causing Monroe’s legs to recoil with each hit. A goodnight left hook knocks Monroe into next week giving Serena the greenlight to stash the sentry’s body. When it’s Serena’s turn to keep watch, Monroe creeps in with a pistol and places a shot straight to her spine. Serena drops to her knees agonizingly clutching her back and Monroe whips around to plug her solar plexus with a burst of bullets. Serena lies on the edge of consciousness and Monroe takes her out with a triple tap to the chest. She ends up on the receiving end of a gradual drag out of sight.

Monroe retakes the role of the sentry and ends up victim to Serena’s electrifying tase to the neck. She melts to her stomach, twitching in pain and desperate to recover. Serena digs the shocking instrument into her lower back, filling her with more volts and softening her for the finishing move. As she tries to scamper off, Serena gets hold of her foot and uses a pressure point to squeeze her senseless. She checks to ensure the deed is done then performs an OTS carry before leaving. Next, Serena is on guard and Monroe administers the same shock to the neck she received earlier. Serena crumbles face down and Monroe relentlessly goes in with face slams to the canvas turning Serena’s brains to mush. With Serena completely defenseless, Monroe goes for the foot and delivers a pressure point squeeze to the sole that ends Serena’s existence. Monroe then performs an OTS carry and a cute spank before fleeing the scene.

Wielding an SMG, you slowly make your way in as the girls are engaged in a knife fight. You put an end to their fun with a spray of the weapon and drop them into a body pile. You circle the softly writhing pile and put them out of their misery with a second spray of the bullet nozzle. You check their legs, getting gorgeous sole shots in the process, then leave them to rest. In the next encounter you find the pair arguing about who kicked the other’s ass worse and their rude acknowledgement of you leads to their punishment. Stiff face punches drop the sentries to the mats for near knockouts and you retrieve your SMG. You hose the twosome down causing them to rapidly convulse as they’re riddled with shots. Admiring their desirable soles you perform limb checks to confirm they’re done for. The ladies don’t budge as it’s lights out.

With the duo satisfied with each of their performances they agree upon a draw and decide to head to lunch. It’s too bad your plans interfere with theirs as another of your SMG sprays rips into their backsides, dropping them to their knees. A second volley drops them to their faces and near knockouts. You handle their gorgeous feet before clutching a pistol to put them away. You deliver spine shots to each of the fleeting girls, laying them down for the count and panning over them.

The dames finally make it to the bedroom where they pow wow about their experience as sentries and spies. As you enter the room, you command their attention and they rise from the bed. You deliver the news that they’ve performed a bit too balanced and Serena proves superiority by taking Monroe out with a violent punch to the face. She shoves Monroe onto the bed and mounts her rear for brutal face slams. She performs her coup de grace with a neck snap and Monroe’s legs dangle lifelessly over the bedside. You reprimand Serena for her unruly actions with a vicious hook to the face that lays her out next to Monroe. You grip her foot causing her to enter a tizzy in fear of what’s next and a precise squeeze to the sole leaves her passed out. Considering there’s more clones of them lying in wait, you finish Serena with a triple tap of your pistol and pan over the deleted damsels. A call to the boss ensures not a trace of them will be leftover and their contributions will lead to an army of capable femme fatales.

Belly stab KOs
Face kick KO
Neck snap KOs
Blackjack strike
Mounted punches KO
Triple tap KOs
Taser attacks
Foot pressure point KOs
Over-the-shoulder carries
Face slams
SMG spray dual KOs
Face punch KOs
Knife play
Body pile
Instant replays
First-person PoV
Limb checks
Abundant sole shots


Length: 19 min
Price: 17.99