Picking up where SOLD OUT left off, our 4 leotard-clad agents slowly awaken from their collective slumber only to keep the battle going! Jackson and Alex strike with twin karate chops to the neck that knock both Devon and Serena out, leaving them slumped against each other in the middle of the room. Realizing that no one is to be trusted, Jackson and Alex both grab chloroform-soaked rags and attack, each one clamping her cloth over the other, until they too end up slumped and out cold.. As the four awaken, they each attack with powerful neckscissors…creating a 4 girl KO scissor diamond that you’ve gotta see to believe! Soon enough, all four girls are out again…only to groggily awaken and make their way to their feet, exhausted and leaning against the wall. Serena whispers to Jackson and the two agree to take the deceitful agents out and sell the information bracelets to the highest bidder. Their plan never comes to life, however, as they suddenly hear a booming voice fill the room. It’s the Big Boss…and he’s been witnessing all four girls’ treachery through a hidden camera. The girls suddenly notice a sweet and pleasant aroma filling the air. The same scent they witnessed when Devon filled the room with sleeping gas!!! All four girls slide down the wall and slump against each other, eyelids fluttering shut from the gentle and effective knockout gas!

Length: 8 min, 16 sec

Price: $6.99