As four of the Agency’s finest stretch in their practice chambers, agent BLUE ( Devon) takes a quick break to use the bathroom, only to make her way to an adjacent room, where she pours a gentle sleeping gas into the vents! Soon enough, the rest of the agents start dropping like flies! Devon re-enters the room, carrying Jackson (agent RED) over her shoulder and placing her next to the others. Seems Devon’s a mole out to steal her partners’ data bracelets! As Jackson awakens, Devon puts her back out with some sleepy spray…Serena (agent VIOLET) comes to as well, only to receive a chloroform nap. But as Agent GREEN (Alex) is frisked, she strikes back, punching Devon out and finishing the double crossing agent with a deadly KO nerve pinch! As the other agents awaken and wonder why Blue sold them out, however, Alex attacks with a double chloroform lullabye for Jackson and Serena! Looks like there are TWO rats in the house!!! As Alex smiles and reaches for Devon’s bracelet, however, she fails to notice the needle sticking out of it, coated in a fast-acting knockout liquid…..

Length: 10 min, 42 sec

Price: $8.99