(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Chilling on the couch in their racy lingerie, Dakota Charms and Jessa Rain discuss the newest trends in social media. With the advent of smothering challenges, the pair feel they can outclass all of the others in the genre. They take it upon themselves to push the boundaries and build their names up in pursuit of fortune and fame. They get right to the action as Dakota presses a hand to Jessa’s face, squeezing down as she blocks her airways. The lack of oxygen gets Jessa to challenge for a bit of sweet, sweet oxygen, but she’s knocked out to Dakota’s dismay. After a bit of playful taunting Dakota stirs her awake and it’s Jessa’s turn to smother.

A quick scan of the room sees Jessa acquiring a pillow and sealing it across Dakota’s airways. Dakota squirms around, moaning for Jessa’s mercy, but only gets a KO for her troubles. Out cold in Jessa’s lap, she endures some limp play before recovering. Feeling as if they’re already excelling, the pair spice up the holds as Dakota applies a double foot smother from the rear. Jessa gurgles and groans as Dakota’s smelly soles deplete her vitality. More ragdolling is succeeded by Jessa taking control and mounting Dakota for an engulfing breast smother. Dakota writhes as she struggles to free herself, but Jessa’s tits prove to be too much. A little face play and cute slaps awaken Dakota and it’s her turn to raise the stakes.

Dakota’s overjoyed when she finds a stuffed doll hidden behind one of the couch pillows and approaches Jessa with it. Locking the doll to her face, Jessa kicks around vigorously, but only tires herself out in the process. The doll suffices as an instrument of knockout and Dakota indulges in more limp play. Jessa takes command and gets a bit of revenge for the foot smother with her own dirty sock smother. Jessa takes it further with a sock gag and a squeeze to Dakota’s nostrils to really make a statement. Dakota wakes up fairly disgusted, picking furs from her tongue as they move to the next hold.

Dakota’s inner sadist shines as she retrieves a plastic storage bag from a hidden spot and wraps it around Jessa’s face. It’s impossible for Jessa to get air through the thick material and she’s out cold with ease. For a short while she’s unresponsive to the touch, but manages to come to. They heat it up with a clasping dual hand smother to one another and the duo struggle for power in each other’s grasps. Simultaneously they conk out just as they awaken afterward. A spark of creativity gets them to lock lips through a chloroform rag to see who can outlast the other. The dames retain their senses as long as possible but share a sensual KO as they blackout with their lips intact.

The twosome get feedback on their session of smother KOs and are displeased with the underwhelming results. They decide to strike while the iron’s hot and take advantage of the recent sleeperhold craze. Dakota sets it off with a tight sleeper across a floored Jessa. Jessa can barely express the pain as she goes comatose in Dakota’s submission. Dakota follows up with brutal neck snaps and squeezes that knock Jessa in and out of consciousness. Dakota finishes up with a relaxed victory pose and her foot atop an enfeebled Jessa’s head.

The ladies upload and catch wind of their success, however Jessa will be the one on offense. She repays the favor to Dakota with a stupefying sleeper that leaves her slithering in agony. Straining to get the words out, Dakota goes zonked mid-sentence and doesn’t react to the following limb checks. Crackling neck snaps keep Dakota powerless as Jessa twists her into submission. A final cram on the neck forces Dakota’s tongue to protrude as she lies finished. Jessa gets the latest update on their viewership and is enthused with the results. Hopefully Dakota wakes from the thrashing soon enough to enjoy her newfound success. She can’t let Jessa have all the fun can she?

Hand over mouth smother KO
Pillow smother KO
Double foot smother KO
Breast smother KO
Doll smother KO
Dirty socks smother KO
Plastic smother KO
Dual hand smother KO
Chloroform rag kiss KO
Prolonged sleeperhold KOs
Instant replays
Limb checks
Tongue protrusion
Limp play
Victory pose


Length: 23 min
Price: 21.99