(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A bout between Buff Blondie and Monroe is to ensue with the theme of knockouts only with a best of 5 stipulation. Suited up in knee highs and sleeved g-string one-pieces, they get right to the action as SK gives the word and Monroe takes off. A belly kick smashes against Blondie’s abs, doubling her over for a stunner that leaves her out cold on her knees. Monroe shoves her down then shows her technical proficiency by trapping Blondie in a figure-four leg lock. Blondie withstands the grueling pressure of the leg submission long enough to flip Monroe onto her stomach for a reversal. The burden is then on Monroe to escape and the ladies gyrate in the leg lock. Ingenuity is on Monroe’s side as she employs a pressure point sole squeeze for an excruciating submission hold on Blondie. The tanned goddess tries to escape, but the overwhelming pain sends her into a comatose state and ripe for Monroe’s follow up. Blondie is flipped onto her back and Monroe scores a limb check before sprawling on her for a hard-fought win pose.

Blondie recovers and takes the initiative the next round with a big clothesline that Monroe slips beneath. A sleeperhold punishes Blondie for her mistake, but she remains hardy despite the arching and squeezing action. The suffocation brings Blondie down to the mats where she’s bent backward under the oppressive effects of the clutch. Her toughness is impressive, but even she fades to the classic hold. Holding Blondie up by the hair, she gets another successful limb check and flexes with her victim in her lap.

A double neck chop kicks off the next round, however Monroe’s is more potent is Blondie conks out. Blondie is yanked to her feet and wrapped between Monroe’s arms for a tight squeeze against her ribs. Blondie’s strength goes to nothing as Monroe crams tight against her midsection and when it’s seemingly game over, a second Wind allows Blondie to break the hold with a double neck chop. Blondie continues to target the collar with a nerve pinch and shoulder claw that sends Monroe into lethargy. The clamp sends Monroe to bed and Blondie scores her first limb check of the set before hitting the hair-pulling win pose that Monroe used previously.

Blondie exercises her double neck chop in the coming round for a head start. Monroe flops into a spread eagle, then Blondie goes for a big leg drop that’s evaded. As Blondie favors her hurt leg, Monroe gets plenty of time to prepare a socked glove, then stuffs it beneath Blondie’s tongue for a mandible claw. Blondie frantically writhes as the clamp on her pressure point saps her energy. Blondie keeps the fight alive as she arches upward for leverage, but her softened moans symbolize a losing battle. The whites of Blondie’s eyes show before it’s lights out and Monroe executes a limb check. The round ends with Blondie’s face stuffed between Monroe’s cheeks as the thick jobber flexes.

Despite the round count being in Mornoe’s favor, Blondie still wants her just desserts and the match proceeds. A big lariat from Blondie is dodged and Monroe retaliates with a belly kick. Monroe twists Blondie into a neckbreaker, who happens to reverse it with her own momentum and the ladies wreck into the mats for a twitch-inducing double KO. SK performs the count out and Monroe staves off the sleep. A reverse headscissor encases Blondie’s throat between massive quads and Monroe goes for the kill. Blondie fights back with a reverse headscissor of her own and the girls flip to the side, squeezing each other into a luscious test of strength. Both sides fight vigorously to maintain consciousness, but only manage to take the other out resulting in a double KO. A double count out spells the end for both girls as well as the match and despite Monroe’s prosperous win, Blondie surely didn’t leave empty-handed.

Belly kicks
Stunner KO
Figure-four leg lock
Reversal figure-four leg lock
Pressure point sole squeeze KO
3-count limb check KO
Prolonged sleeperhold KO
5-count limb check KOs
Neck chop double KO
Double neck chops
Prolonged nerve pinch KO
Prolonged mandible claw KO
Reverse facesit victory pose
Neck breaker double KO
Reverse headscissor
Reverse headscissor double KO
Double KO count out
Assorted victory poses


Length: 24 min
Price: 23.99