(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We’re instantly into action as we catch Sablique Von Lux & Jane Indica tying up in a sexily slimy outdoor pool. The two battle for position as their petite figures slide around in the oily bath. Indica goes for a slick maneuver to tilt Sablique off balance, but ends up mounted and wrapped in a frontal sleeperhold. SK comes in with the save as he disrupts their greasy catball to check in on them. The plans of the original shoot have changed as the customer has been dying to see them in an oil wrestling match and sweetens the deal with a cash incentive. The ladies light up at the sound of a $5k bonus for the winner and the twosome prepare to throw down. No holds barred, knockouts, pins, and victory poses spell the terms for the bout. Before SK can even finish the countdown, the girls are at each other’s throats to claim the bounty

Sablique gets a headlock that takes Indica off balance and manages to mount her from the rear. A rear naked choke is seemingly locked on Indica, but her constant squirming makes Sablique transition into a side headscissor. Indica tuckers out from a lack of air, then Sablique gets on top for a reverse facesitting 10-count pin as she flexes to score the first fall. She puts a knee across collar and continues to flaunt as Indica slowly stirs awake. Sablique keeps the pressure on as she uses her grappler prowess to stay one step ahead. Indica is mounted from the rear and Sablique stays wrapped around her neck. Indica’s ribs are targeted with a crushing bodyscissor that softens her up. Sablique ups the ante with a rear naked choke and yanks Indica’s bra out of position in the process. Indica manages to squirm free of the bodyscissor, but the applied chokehold gets the job done, turning her into a slippery & sleepy heap. Sablique mounts her with a schoolgirl pin and clamps her wrists to the surface, securing this fall as well.

When Indica comes to, the ladies go back to a neutral start, but Sablique comes out the gate with her successful aggression. An upper body bearhug squeezes at Indica’s neck, then the midsection sees punishment as Sablique locks her arms up as well. Sablique’s Jiu Jitsu skill is well on display as she outmaneuvers Indica and traps her into a leglock, clamping on the knees. Next, her greased thighs fasten onto Indica’s glistening ribs. With Indica vexed against Sablique’s technique, she ends up clenched in a reverse headscissor that she has no hope of escaping. It’s lights out as Sablique jiggles and checks the limbs to assure the KO. She folds Indica up in a leg hooking reverse schoolgirl 10-count pin for another fall and presents her physique to the camera.

Indica wakes again and Sablique shows mercy with another neutral start. Indica aims for the core with a bearhug that ends up completely ineffectual and Sablique reverses with a headlock takedown. She handily slides Indica around the pool with a frontal neck lock employing decisive leverage. The oily pool handicaps Indica as her slick soles slide along the surface. After a few moments she’s completely zonked as the submission subdues her. Sablique takes hold of Indica’s wrists and slides her lubricious thighs over Indica’s shoulders for an effective 10-count pin. Indica remains unresponsive to Sablique’s shimmy, but eventually wakes up from continued agitation. With Sablique at such a large advantage, they skip the fair start and Indica’s suffering keeps on.

Positioning gives Sablique an efficient time clasping a rear headscissor on her inexperienced foe. Indica thrashes like crazy, only to waste energy as the squeezing submission saps her energy. Sablique puts her dominance on display as she mounts Indica for a 10-count grapevine pin. Indica takes a short while to wake up and Sablique proceeds with the manhandling. She gets atop Indica’s back and underhooks her legs before seizing Indica’s core with a bodyscissor. With Indica gasping from the ab-crunching hold, Sablique shifts to a handstand headscissor that steals her strength. Indica’s arms give way as she crumbles to her side and the headscissor squishes her to sleep. Sablique then straddles her upper body while pinning her arms above her head for a 10-count crossbody pin.

With 4 minutes left, Sablique makes every second count as she goes in for more. Indica manages to slip around her aggressor and miraculously apply her own bodyscissor. To her misfortune her slippery feet unhook, giving Sablique the window for the offense. Indica becomes victim to a rear naked choke and struggles as best she can for that cash prize, but she’s simply outmatched versus Sablique’s capability. Indica holds on as long as humanly possible, but she can only take so much as the asphyxiation lays her out. She endures another 10-count grapevine pin as Sablique scores yet another fall. She comes to with Sablique sitting on her chest, flexing mightily as she’s coaxed into believing the match is over.

Sablique then overpowers her into a frontal bodyscissor and pairs that with a bearhug. Indica slips out only to find herself snared in headscissor. Sablique uses her advantage to slide around for a rear figure four headscissor. Indica’s slippery flesh slides around the pool as she can’t find the friction to fight back. The snug clamp across her throat does away with any type of resistance as she begins seeing stars and it’s bedtime. Sablique secures a leg folding reverse facesit pin for the easy 10-count and poses again.

SK gives the 10-second warning Sablique makes the most of it by taking the waking Indica out with a rattling uppercut. Indica sprawls out in the pool, clock cleaned, eyes rolling, and utterly helpless. A single leg hook 10-count pin spells the end of the match and Sablique strikes a final victory pose as she’s geeked about the cash prize. Indica faintly sloshes around on her back as she counts birdies and dollar signs, completely zonked from Sablique’s doing. Her eyes roll back and she passes out. Maybe, just maybe, Sablique will reward her for offering such an easy path to the fight purse.

Guillotine choke
Headscissor KOs
Reverse facesit 10-count pin
Rear naked chokes KO
Sleeperhold KO
10-count schoolgirl pin
Upper bearhug
Leg locking knee hold
Reverse headscissor KO
Reverse schoolgirl w/ leg hooking 10-count pin
Neck lock KO
Armlocked rear headscissor 10-count pin
Rear headscissor KOs
Reverse facesit leg folding 10-count pin
10-count grapevine pins
Frontal bodyscissor w/ bearhug
Rear figure four headscissor KO
Uppercut KO
Single leg hook 10-count pin
Victory poses
Crossbody 10-count pin
Oil wrestling
Limb checks
Eye rolling
Wardrobe malfunctions

Alternate opening:
Rear triangle choke
Full nelson w/ bodyscissor
Rear naked choke
Sleeperhold KO


Length: 26 min
Price: 25.99