(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Wet and wild is the name of the game as we pop into seeing Faith and Mia Hope slick and sweaty in the outdoor pool. Whichever diva gets the most falls at the end of the time limit is declared the winner and the action begins with a test of strength. Mia gets the advantage by mounting Faith and locking in an ezekiel choke. With Faith’s rebuttal of a bodyscissor and wedgie being shrugged off, her fleeting strength is further sapped with a HoM smother for the first KO. Mia is rewarded with a 5-count facesitting pin and waits impatiently for Faith to regather herself.

Eager to get back to brawling, Faith ties up with her foe and manages to gain footing with a belly blow that stuns Mia. Faith womanhandles her into a rear naked choke and even adds a grapevine to salt the wound. Mia’s choked to bed and Faith earns herself a 10-count half-mounting single leg hook pin. A battered Mia is taken advantage of with belly blows to shock her awake, then faith mounts with a reverse headscissor to squeeze the softened Mia into nap time. Limb checks give Faith the go to get her next point and she secures it with a 5-count reverse schoolgirl pin with belly punching.

Faith keeps her momentum by reverse mounting Mia and slamming into her ribs with pelvic thrusts. A rear bearhug completely hurls the air out of Mia and the slickness of the pool plays against her escape. Faith locks in tighter with a bodyscissor for good measure and Mia is squeezed into a drooling KO’d doll. Faith executes a 10-count double leg hook pin, then proceeds to stir Mia awake with groin punches. A creative use of the pool is performed when Faith slides Mia around the pool to each cardinal direction, then splashing deep into her solar plexus for guttural blows. Faith gets to squashing away at her fallen opposition sending Mia into twitching fits and gains another point with a 5-count double leg hook pin.

A belly claw rudely stirs Mia up and Faith moves around to apply a double temple drill to grind into Mia’s nerves, sending her into a shaky, moist convulsions till she’s stiff and slept. Faith lands a cocky 5-count pin by crossing her legs atop a walloped Mia, then slams her heel into her open belly to wake her. Mia groggily gets her bearings then attempts a big haymaker, which completely whiffs and results in an exhausted KO for Mia. Flabbergasted at Mia’s attempt, Faith shows her how it’s done by waking her with a belly punch, then taking her out with a huge winding uppercut that sprawls Mia against the oily surface. Faith then folds Mia into a glorious 5-count matchbook pin then poses victoriously over a lubricious Mia. Like the sweetheart she is, Faith then helps Mia out of the pool as the match closes out

Oil wrestling
Tests of strength
Ezekiel choke w/ hand smother KO
5-count facesitting pin
Rear naked choke w/ grapevine KO
10-count half-mounting single leg hook pin
Belly punching
Reverse headscissor KO
5-count reverse schoolgirl pin w/ belly punching
Reverse pelvic belly splashes
Rear bearhug w/ bodyscissor KO
10-count double leg hook pin
Groin punches
Belly splashes KO
5-count double leg hook pin
Belly claw
Double temple drill KO
5-count Lounging leg-crossing pin
Missed haymaker exhaustion KO
Winding uppercut KO
5-count matchbook pin
Face play
Victory pose
Twitching / convulsing
Limp play


Length: 12 min
Price: 11.99