(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sage Pilar and Mia Hope don their two-piece bikinis as they get touchy feely in the oil-drenched pool for their coming match. There’s minimal delay as the girls get right to the action with a test of strength. They slide about in the pool attempting to seize control from the other until both girls are prone and sliding around. They eventually come to close quarters and Mia is able to secure a front headlock and deal some playful spanks to Sage. Mia loses her footing and Sage takes advantage by handcuffing Mia with a double hammerlock. Mia sloshes around, unable to defend herself and Sage transitions into a rear sleeperhold. Mia holds strong as she thrashes around and eventually breaks free to lock Sage in her own sleeperhold. The submission is gripped tightly as Sage’s eyes roll back and tongue dangle. Sage flails around, but the slick flooring keeps her soles sliding helplessly. Sage goes limp and a second squeeze puts Sage down for a limb check and lubricious fondling.

Sage wakes and is ready to get back into the fray as she ties up with Mia for another test of strength. The ladies slosh and slide all over the pool as they wrestle for control and Sage skillfully wraps Mia in a sleeperhold with grapevine combo. The energy visibly drains from a fighting Mia as there’s little she can do to overcome Sage’s wrapping submission. Mia goes night night and Sage gets her turn to fondle. Mia eventually comes to and strikes quickly by encasing Sage in a side bodyscissor. Sage’s fleeting strength gets her dwindling enough for Mia to easily switch to a rear headscissor. The tongue is choked from the mouth of a whipping Sage until he goes faint. Mia’s pressure is kept with a wrist-clutching frontal headscissor that completely disarms Sage. With her victim passed out, Mia gets the limb check and flips sage over for a mounting 5-count single leg hook pin.

Sage recovers, slipping around as she collects herself, but she lunges for Mia once more. Sage manages to get her legs wrapped around Mia and gains enough leverage to twist her into a half boston crab with chin lock combination. Sage then goes back to her trusty sleeperhold with grapevine submission to sap Mia further. With Mia on the ropes, Sage lays Mia out and grips tightly around her neck with a reverse headscissor, wiggling around to grind the hold deeper as Mia’s squeezed to a pulp. With the submission remaining locked, Sage gets a 5-count single leg hook pin and agitates a debilitated Mia awake.

The baddies return to a neutral start and their test of strength struggle ensues once more. The pair gets intimate with a snug double bear hug, clenching at one another to drain the other girl first. They give it their all, squeezing away at their backs and siphoning energy as much as it’s sacrificed. After the intense war of attrition, the girls are left hugged up in the pool leaning on the other for support in an upright body pile. Eventually Mia collapses backwards with Sage on top of her in a derri “air” KO pose to spell the end of their slithery smackdown.

Tests of Strength
Front headlock
Double hammerlock
Seated Sleeperhold KOs
Side bodyscissor
Read headscissor KO
Frontal headscissor KO
5-count mounting single leg hook pin
Bow and arrow hold
Reverse headscissor KO
5-count reverse headscissor pin
Double bearhug KO
Body pile
Derri “air” KO pose
Limb checks
Limp play
Tongue protrusion
Oil Wrestling


Length: 18 min
Price: 16.99