As the girls (Devon, Alex, Serena, and Helena) lounge around the office, a conversation starts about how Sleeperkid wants to get these diligent workers to wrestle for his site. All four ladies laugh as they ridicule SK’s requests, calling him a “super-freak”. The Kid, however, listens in and plans revenge, filling the room with a knockout gas that takes the girls down and out one by one. Once the room is cleared, Sleeperkid steps in and checks each girl for consciousness (checking of eyes and arms) before cradle carrying each lady across the room (due to a leg injury, SK is shown carrying the girls, but not picking them up from the ground). One by one, each girl awakens, only to receive a KO from a blackjack, sending them all back to dreamland! (Note: this was a custom clip that relies heavily on closeups of the girls’ legs/pantyhose, so expect many sweeping shots of this
as well as slow-motion and added music)

Length: 12 min 45 sec

Price: $9.99