(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A fade from black shows Mia Hope lacing up her kicks in the locker room and an entrance from Anne Marie sparks a little heat between the two. The ladies spit some fire back and forth over their upcoming match. The two begin setting the stipulation of the match being sleepers and stunners only along with leg hook pins with the fall count set to five. Mia uses some cunning to get Anne out into the mat room, setting up a nasty plot to kick-start the match.

With her back to the entrance, Anne begins talking to herself and adjusting her clothes for Mia’s arrival. Her pep talk is cut short with a surprise attack by Mia from the rear consisting of a boot to the stomach and a smashing stunner that sprawls Anne out for the first KO. Mia goes for the single leg hook pin and nearly scores, but forgets that the sleeperhold must be applied as well. Mia wakes up the groggy Anne, applying a sleeperhold that she frantically tries to struggle out of. Mia takes the Wind from Anne’s sail by choking her out twice then resuming the single leg hook pin she dropped before. She sits Anne up for another sleeperhold and gets to squeezing, wearing Anne down till she’s a limp mess. Mia scores another 10-count single leg hook pin giving her the lead by two falls then appeals to the camera in cocky fashion as she’s taken the lead.

Anne cuts Mia short with a startling shoulder tap, to a belly kick, then dragging her to the center of the mats for a cratering stunner KO. Mia flops in a daze and doesn’t budge to any of Anne’s limb checks. A stomp to the midsection awakens Mia and she struggles to free herself from Anne’s grasp only to be laid out by another skull-cracking stunner. Enjoying her time as the heel, Anne wakes Mia with another belly stomp and ends up sending Mia back to the mats with a third stunner. It’s lights out for Mia as she lies spread eagle and Anne swoops in for the 10-count single leg hook pin. Anne steps away from the high impact movies as she revives Mia for a snaring sleeperhold. Mia barely has the wit to fight out as she’s slowly choked into a slumber, jerking before her vitality’s cut. Anne goes for her second pin and scores it confidently before another wave of offense.

Anne’s momentum continues by stirring Mia awake and putting her back into the seated sleeperhold. Mia’s resistance leads to one of her shoes partially dangling before Anne knocks her out. Limb checks precede the next 10-count pin. Anne then begins stripping Mia of her shoes and top revealing her wrestling gear beneath. Anne then pulls off Mia’s socks and receives a sole to the face for her efforts. She tries to recover, but Mia executes a punt to the chin that cleans Anne’s clock for a KO. Mia’s offense initiates with a sleeperhold that takes Anne out and lands her another 10 count leg-hooking pin. Mia returns the favor of stripping Anne of her top, shoes, and socks, putting Anne’s one-piece swimsuit on display. During limp play, Anne springs from her slumber and sends a right hook across Mia’s chin that lays her face down, then follows up with a sleeperhold KO. Anne unbuttons Mia’s pants before securing another 10-count pin, then resumes the pantsing.

With Mia comatose and freed of her streetwear, Anne applies another sleeperhold that asphyxiates Mia again, granting Anne the opportunity for a 10-count double leg hook pin. Anne pops off for the camera as she assumes Mia’s finished, but the mistake costs her as Mia rises and strikes from behind with a sleeperhold of her own. Mia takes her down to the mats for a KO, limb checks, and returned pantsing. With Anne splayed in her one-piece bathing suit, Mia tallies another fall with a 10-count double leg hook pin. With Mia at four falls and one to go, she gets up and plays to the camera again, planning out her final series of moves to take Anne out for good. The distracting thoughts take their toll as Anne ambushes her from the rear with a stomach kick into a staggering stunner KO. Anne sits Mia up and locks in a seated sleeperhold that leaves her regretful and limp. Anne crams tighter and tighter ensuring that Mia goes down for the count. Anne scores another single leg hook pin granting her a total of four KOs and tying up the match.

Anne doesn’t make the mistake of being a showboat and keeps her sights locked on Mia. She puts Mia down with another sleeperhold, then gets the decisive pin of the match with a 10-count folding matchbook pin, then keeps Mia curled up as she plants a foot on her rear to strike a win pose that concludes the match.

Stunner KOs
10-count sing leg hook pins
Sleeperhold KOs
Face kick KO
10-count double leg hook pins
10-count matchbook pin
Matchbook victory pose
Limb checks
Limp play
Instant replay
Trash talk


Length: 30 min
Price: 28.99